Tuesday, August 15, 2006


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I love today okay!!
Today was so funnyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Haha.. I was like.. so hyper!!
And I woke up at five!

Okiepokie.. so after recess, Rock, Jac and WeiTing all linked hands and started singing Christmas carols! Like that "We.... WISHH you a Merry Christmas, we WISHHH you a Merry Christmas, we WISHHHHH you a merry christmas and a happyyyy new year!!!"
Chen XinYi and I were conducting them!!! And we sang Jingle Bells and Silent Night! Silent NIght was so funny!! They tried to go all holy and opera.. Hahahahahahaha!!!!

I had stomach cramps from laughing. LOL!!
And Steffie gave Rock fifty cents and was like, "Tips for your singing."
And Rockie actually squealed!! Like, whatthehell?!!!
Haahahaha!! Jac and Weiting were like, "No money, we don't sing!"

Hahaha!! Valval robbed Michael's wallet and gave Jac fifty cents.. and Jacqueline, sarcastic queen extrodinaire, SQUEALED VERYVERYVERY LOUDLY.

HAHAHAHA!!!!!! It was so funny!! And she started jumping up and down and was like.. "AIIIEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!" I died from laughter then.

But then WeiTing was all, "Ee.. they all got tips.. and I have nothing..." So I, the ohso kind Majesty, gave her fifty cents too. And everyone lived happily ever after. HAHA!!!

I love today to bits.. <3333333333333333

During chinese, ms tan made me say that evil sentance out loud. I was freaked okayy.. my chinese is horrible-r then my temper! But I got it right! And I made that "Yay!" sign and she also did the sign and went like, "Yeah! Jackpot!" Like.. OMFH! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

I laughed A LOT today! <333
And then Benji, Pig Cloud, Stef, Val and I went to KFC to eat and discuss what to do for out Literature project.. It was kinda boring from then on.. I accompanied Valval to the MRT, where she would be taking to Outram Park, and I swiched trains and headed for HarbourFront, my home, to slackkk.

Hehheh. And that leads me to here, in front of the screen, typing down these words. Whee... Im off to the class blog!

<33, My Majesty~~

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