Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Waa... Oral.. Grr

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We had history test and oral today!!
I felt so effing stupid luhh..
History.. its okie. :))

I revised for like.. less then five hours put together.. Yay Mr AJ. Some questions were easypeasy.

And Oral.
The girls were last! Its so effing unfair. The boys from 1F got to go first... Grr...
but in the classroom it was so funny luhh.. all the girls were monkeys. AHAHAHA!

There was once.. We took off our tis and were like, "lets seduce the teacher!"
and we proceeded to try seducing jacqueline! (you know.. loop the tie around jacqueline's neck and pull her towards us! HAHA!)

Jacqueline tried seducing herself.

And we got that book.. chicken soup for the preteen souls?
kat was reading it.
val said she was mentally unstable.

and we tried to translate the stories inside into chinese!
It ended up sounding like singlish. or sin-chinese.
Ah-ma (bren-de-de) sounds so funny when she speaks chinese.
Just like me!! (I take after her. Ahahaha!)

The boys from 1F kind of played Heartattack with their legs. Kat wanted to join in.

Waa.. the oral teacher was so effing friendly!
And I didnt make eye contact properly. I kept staring at her forehead.

Forehead. Forehead. Forehead. Forehead.
And that was what ran through my mind while I did the conversation.

And when I finished, she was like, "So you have nothing else to add?"
And my ohso intelligent reply was, "Errrrrr.... Er.. No."


And Kathryna wouldnt speak in chinese in front of us!!!
And I played that Tidal Wave thingyyy with Valval.. Haha..
Kat didnt know how to say Tidal Wave in chinese... so she had to say "Ranma, Ranma..."

It was so lame-y.
But she's the ohso beloved pervertic Kat.
In fact so pervertic is she that she was actually DISAPPOINTED when I slapped her hip and not... somewhere lower.


But all was.. okie. :DD
And Im valval + waiwai's daughter!~~
Ah-ma said it was okie. Haha!

Ry-ry is my grandfather.
Like.. wth?
How can I call my grandfather RYRY??
Hmph. Idontcare.
I wanna call him Ry-ry!

daughter of valval and waiwai!! wahaha!!

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