Tuesday, September 5, 2006

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Okiepokie. Changed the colour of my links. That reddish pink was kinda hard on the eyes.. Hehe...

Yesterday effing rocked!
Okay, so Peiling and I got lost in the MRT but niwae, piggy cloud managed to direct us direction deprived girls to the Aliiance. And Peiling and I sat all the way front! Val's family was sitting beside us.. Heh heh..

And Val came upstage!
She was standing at the front, in other words, directly in front of Peiling and I.
And I kept making these funny faces at her but I dont think she caught them. She only saw me laughing to myself. Hahaa!
And I was laughing like an idiot, so thankfully no on, save Peiling, heard me. But Val was kinda laughing at me, and I had this fleeting impression that she'd burst out laughing. And ruin the concert. *nod nod*
Luckily she didn't. And halfway through, I was going all, "Mummy! Jia you!!"

Omg.. and there was this guy from Monk's Hill.
When he walked, he had to do this funny "slide-on-heels" thing and the audience was alughing at him. And the finale, the dance, We're all in this Together, I only have one conclusion:

It was so effing funny!
Everyone was bending down or soemhting and the boys were up and waving their arms and when they realised they were wrong, they quickly bent down but the others were already standing upright and clapping. IT WAS SO FUNNY!
Peiling managed to record the guy dance. The guy in the orange shirt.
He was TERRIBLE. but funny.

OOh, and the guy who could play the violin!
His voice was so high!!! Omg, I thought he was lip synching!!!!
It was so effing cool!

Niwayy.. Valval. Half the time (when you weren't looking at the audience) you didn't smile!!!!!! But the dance was so funny! Especially when Vii knocked into your glasses. Hehehe...

Yay! Loved your concert. Okie, the combined choir concert.

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