Monday, September 4, 2006

[mood | neutral]
[music | Ichirin no Hana (Bleach Opening #3) - HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR]

Omfh.. Friday damn cute.. :))
But i'll skip the details.. heh heh..

Yay.. Im going to the Choir Concert later..
Hmm.. How to I get back?
Newton.. Eeyur. I have to take the MRT myself..

Mummiee (Val). Must jiayou! I'll be recording the concert... so. DONT KILL ME PLEASE!
Jiejie. (Viiiiii) Dont do that funny action where your body becomes as straight as a board. I beg you. But you jiayou too! I'll be recording you as well. Hehee..
Anddd CAPTAIN! JANEY! Cant believe you're not selected for the ending dance. And I wanted to see you dance too!!! I mean, we people ave been training you!!!
Okiepokie. Just jiayou on singing. Haha! XDD

Omg.. Please dont hate me. :((
Okiepokie. The blogskin. IKNOW!!! PLEASE DONT HATE ME!!!
And the sign. Okie. Um.. Can i send you an email or something? I went online... but you weren't!! Its confusing. And yes, miss you lots!!!! WHEN YOU COME BACK WE ARE GOING TO HOLD A SLEEPOVER. IDONTCARE!!! Muahahahahaa... X))

Ofh.. I have to have dinner a 5.45... Grr..
Niwayy.. Peipei! I got a map! Hehe..
Waiwai and Seany are going first (ithink).. :))

Yayy! Choir Concert!!!!!

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