Saturday, October 28, 2006

Goong rocks my socks!~


And my aunt just bought the dvd!
Im on a marathon now. HEHEHEH.

See the skin?
And the poster on the front page?

I recommand goong aka princess hours aka the imperial palace.

&I feel so sad for LeeYul.
SO SAD!!!!!!
But I cant do anything. Nope.
Except stare at the screen...
Some random character should just pop up and be nice to him.
Im getting so emo again..
He plays LeeYul.
&he's so uberly cute! :33333

Im making another skin.
&the theme is GOONG! ♥

Cant blog long.
ohOH. &yes, im celebrating cause i can use blogger again.
I swear, I was near crying in the afternoon.


PLUGS: ♥ValViiPeipei

Friday, October 27, 2006

I love luci so I'm gonna do this. :)

1)How old do you wish you were? 13. Cause I love this year. :DD
2) Where were you when 911 happened? Taiwan, sleeping like a log.
3) What do you do when vending machines steal your money? Stare at it, then at Val, who would hit it.
4) Do you count yourself kind? lalalalalallallala...
5) If you had to get a tattoo, where would it be? Just above my elbow.
6) If you could be fluent in any other language, what would it be? Japanese, Korean & French!
7) Do you know your neighbours? `Course.
8) What do you consider a vacation? Star Cruises!!!
9) Do you follow your horoscope? No. But they get really funy & amusing sometimes.
10) Would you move for the person you loved? Yupp.
11) Are you touchy feely? NO. No touchy-feely crap for me.
12) Dream job? Designer, Writer, whateverwhatever. etcetera. Ask my future. :DD
13) Favorite channel(s)? U, cause Goong's on it.
14) Favorite place to go on weekends? Chair in front of the comp. Hehehehe..
15) Showers or Baths? Showers & you're nosy.
16) Do you paint your nails? When I'm mad, yes.
17) Do you trust people easily? Depends..
18) What are your phobias? Horror movies & nights after watching the horror movies.
19) Do you want kids? Why are you asking this NOW?
20) Do you keep a handwritten journal? Yuppers, but its collecting dust. ^^
21)Where would you rather be right now? Begging my aunt to get me a guitar. :D
22) Who makes you feel warm and fuzzy? Someone & the Four Musketeers + my PriSch besties.
23) Heavy or light sleeper? Definitely light. It nears insomnia sometimes.
24) Are you paranoid? Depends..
25) Are you impatient? Hell yeah.
26) Who can you relate to? PriSch besties, The Four Musketeers & Brenda Ahma.
27) What's your favorite pick-up line? "Vhat?" Don't ask me why. &im not being a racist here!
28) What's your main ringtone on your mobile? Jay Chou's Ye De Di Qi Zhang. But like Luci, its mostly on silent.
29) What were you doing at midnight last night? Suffering from insomnia.
30) What did the last text on your cellphone say? ...It's my message! Nosy parker.
31) Whose bed did you sleep in last night? MINE! Are you some deprived father? *narrows eyes at quiz*
32) What color shirt are you wearing? Orange sleeveless.
33) Name three things you have on you at all times? A bag, wallet & handphone.
34) What color are your bed sheets? ...Hmm.. never noticed..
35) How much cash do you have on you right now? Are you trying to rob me?
36) What is your favorite part of the chicken? I'd rather be vegetarian..
37) What's your favorite town/city? England & Australia! &of course, SINGAPORE!
38) I can't wait till..? November, when I get to go biking & ice-skating!
39) What did you have for dinner last night? ..Some Jap thing I think..
40) Do you own a gun? I wish.
41) What do you prefer to drink in the morning? Milo!! :D
42) Where do you think you'll be in 10 yrs? Woodlands. (T_T)
43) Last thing you ate? Chocolairs! :D
44) What songs do you sing in the shower? Never sung and will never sing.
45) What was the last thing that made you laugh? Ryan's email. Hehe..
46) What was the worst injury you've ever had? A 5-cm cut on my foot when I was six.
47) What's your favourite candy? Chocolates!
48)What song do you want played at your funeral? You're cursing me. I know it. Don't try to hide it.
49) Five random people to do this? I won't torture you people. Oh. But Nicole has to do this (AGAIN). Cause I feel evil. >:D:D:D:D >:DDD
50)Say 'Goodbye' to yourself? Am I supposed to leave a suicidal note here?

&&GARFIELD! *glomps*
Aww.. why did you list me down as "ex-owner" in Luci's blog?
Or were you referring to Nikki?
*is confused*

I'm feeling so unimaginative.
I havent written nor designed for like. More than a week.
And I still don't have the heart to do it.
So basically, I'm dying here. -.-

Don't ask. Random crap again. HEHEHEH.
&you people should listen to Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield.
It rocks sososo uberly-much!

When jamming with Aidan, Mika, Val & Kat ytd.
Kinda funny.. I was poking the piano & Kat's leg. HEHE.
And I pierced my finger on a guitar! The wire was jutting out.
OWOWOWOWOWOW. Kat gave me a plaster & Mika was laughing. The idiot.

&we met Kat's parents!
So scary.. cause we were supposed to meet them outside Peace Centre or something and we were standing at the back and not the front entrance. And her dad came marching over and was like, "Ms Kwok, are you ready?" And I was like.. "Um. G-Good evening." And Kat nudged me and I added an "uncle!" at the back. And he was like "Good evening." and went back to telling Kat where the front entrance was.
0_o. It was.. eventful.

So I came back and slacked a whole lot...
Kinda boring yeah?
Holidays are pretty ZZZzzzZZZZzz sometimes.
*goes to lalaland*

Mummy stole my nric so that she can play Audition.

Her dad doesn't allow her to stay over at the chalet unless there's a consent form. 0_o
I haven't asked my dad. He's out. -.-"

Jolin's new album!!!!
Like, wth? She released it 5 months after Dancing Diva!!
I need both albums.

Dancing Forever (title track of the newest album) is like, so cool luh!
I need both albums.
And she sung in Canto & Hokkien for two of the songs in Dancing Forever.
I need both albums. Again.

Eff. I don't think Dancing Forever is out in Singapore yet.
Is it?

Mummy, you NEED TO UPDATE!
Your poor blog is suffering from lack of attention and you're over there signing up for Audition with my nric???
&the class blog is dead as well. -.-
Whatever. Evil thing.
Sean is STILL hibernating.
Lazy snake. Still called himself a squirrel.

&im pissed with my results but kinda happy on my position!

English B4 (T_________T)
Chinese B4
Maths C5 (T_T)
Science A2
Geography A2
Lit B3
History A2
"Visual" Art B4 (T_T)
Home Ec A1
D&T A1

So sad right?? *hides behind sock*

Oh.. But my class position is 13/40 and my level position is 36/120.
The only lil note which makes me squeal. HEHEHEHHHEH..

Im mad over the guitar as much as Val is "crazee over drums"~
Playplay! I love Distortion Guitar!! :DDDDDD

&now. Thou art shalt pester Mummy.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Less hectic, less punishments.. :))

So I trained that forehand downserve (?) with Yi Hui first.
& i think I improved. But my back hurt-ed. So evilly.

Oh. &we came back from the break, we had to do that.. bend-knee thing. Whatsitcalled?
Grr. Well, it was painful. & mr kuan wanted to train our reaction so we had to switch from situp position to pushup position realreal quick or we'll have to do 5 rounds around the whole school. Owwie. & he was yelling "situp! pushup! situp!" etc in a very fast fashion. &oh. we had to do 20 pushups & situps. &i had to yell. but then, as pointed out, its easier to yell the "up" or the "down" cause im in the more relaxed position while yelling whereas the others have to count while struggling to do them. Still owwie.

&we continued training that forehand downserve thingy with Shu Juan (sp...?) after that. Xinyi's legs were shaking. X(
Ohh.. But I won 4 out of 6 matches! :D
I lost the two to Pan Hua. Its so unfair-ish!!
Both matches to the same person.


&we didn't run laps round the school today.
We just ran 6 "folds" of the hall. Wa. Still okie.
But we had to "warm down" which was more like warm up than anything else.

We were jogging around the hall.
& we're supposed to jog very very s l o w l y . . . .
and then jog some more.
and some more.
and even more.
still jogging.

Leg cramp. X((

I wanna sleep..
*hugs imaginary bed*
Goodnight. :33

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Table tennis was so tiring.

&Ive got muscle cramps.
So I cant walk properly and I cant stretch my arms without wincing.

&I lost the four matches Ive played and earned myself 55 pushups & sitpus, not including the ramdom 20 I had to do somewhere in between.
The only highlight was that we only ran 3 rounds and I was STILL second among the sec1s(evil peishan...)~

I made a manip!
Unfortunately, it isn't very nice.. :((((
Heh. The ending result was Vii & He Jun Xiang "getting married".
&I will spare you guys by NOT posing the manip here.
Ahahahahahhaha~ XDD

Well yeah.
I dont have anything in particular I would want to ramble on.
Except maybe that I love This site but that's it.


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Okiepokie. Letsee...
Yay for Vivo. Its finally open & I barely got round the whole thing.
Its huge. &I was forced to wear a skirt. I think Mummie over there wouldn't believe me. That, or she's laughing.

Yesterday.. I cant say I didnt have fun but... yupyup.
Kinda boring. *hides behind sock* dont murder me, mummy!!
&I think I almost fell asleep in kbox.
&blah. &its a marking day so Im boredddd.

I'll go upload pictures later Devyyyy. :)

Now...I'll go write a story.
Yay for inspiration!

btw. if you people understood what I just rambled about, kudos to you.

Monday, October 9, 2006

*hugs the blogskin*

Why Masquerade?
Just cause I love masquerades.
You wear the fancy mask and hide yourself. Take a random dance partner and dance through the night & when the clock strikes twelve, show the world who you are.
HAHAHAHA. Sounds so fairytale.
I like. :33

&&i read a lot of masquerade stories. All the fanfiction I've read all seem to have masquerades somehow or another. &they're so magical. AHAHA.
Blame this on fanfiction people! They made me fall in love with masquerades.

If there was a grauduation night for us when we reach sec4... I'll yell masquerade.
They effing rock.

&so does Phantom of the Opera.
The above "lyrics" was taken from the musical. &yup, that musical is a beautiful, gilttering masquerade! (i think you people are getting sick of that word. Hehheh...)

Props to Danielle. She made the wonderful skin. :DDDDD *huggies*

&my sister was crazy yesterday.
Crazy as in, mental crazy.
She hugged me in the morning when i woke her up to get her to drink water cause she's got a horrible sore throat. &in the afternoon, she yelled at me for.. well, i have no idea. &She was glaring daggers at the board when the glue burnt a hole through the syrofoam. &I was trying to tape from the bottom so the glue would stop eating away at the syrofoam while she just sat and glared at the syrofoam as though it would just miraculously be one whole if she stared hard enough. Then at night, she started whining cause her CID project isn't completed & she glared at me when I asked her to let me help.
Like, wth?!!
&she started mugging at 11pm cause she's got a science exam today.
There is something wrong with her.

Well yeah.
Are we supposed to return to school on friday or thursday?

Ahhh yes.
Have to call Valval aka Mama Bitchy.
I dont want my head bitten off... Heh.

&yup. Skin number4 on blogskins as well!
I made that yesterday & I lurve it. But im not gonna use it.
The screenshot...HERE!
Hehe.. &dont look at me. I got the original image off foto_decedent. AHAHAHAHA.
I love that place. The photos rock.

&Val just called.
we talked for an hour straight.. OH&I havent eaten.
WaAaa.. TMR:
Meet Val @ 9.30
Vii's house @ 10.00 to fix Mummy's hair.
Peiling & WeiTing will come @ 10.30.
Peiling, Mummy & I leave at 11.00.
&reach tiong @ 11.30.

Hahahahahahhahahah.. hectic timetable. :DD

&Val's comp crashed.
Poor girl. I think she was using MS Paint just to ease her boredom.

sis is evil.
Well, yeah. SHE IS!!

Sorry, havent linked you up yet. :DD
HEHE. I'll do it now okiepokie? :33

&i have nothing more to say. :))

Saturday, October 7, 2006

&skin #3 on

I'm making skins like I drink water.
See if you can figure out who I am on!

&my sister gave me two sketch books & a 0.38pen just cause she thinks I studied hard.
But I dont think so.
(T_T) Just have to wait for doomsday. :((((

...&i wonder.
What are we supposed to do in school now?
Gawd.. hahahahaha.. it'll remind me of PSLE..
My friends & i were playing Stress like crazy.
HAHAHAHHA. &Garfield kept winning..

Sleepsleep. Bye-bye. :3

Friday, October 6, 2006

Have i mentioned that im sick?
Okie. well. I AM.

&i sit here, typing and typing while my eyes are watering.
&&im sneezing like crazy.
My mom thought my doggie toy was giving me allergies. ><
NOO! Dont take it away mom!!!

Completed blogskin #2 and submitted it.

Ahaha.. BleachEp99 is damn nice.
Too bad Maki-chan had to die. :((((((((((((((((((((((
And im rewatching the Aly&AJ videos.


I wont ramble here.
Maybe I'll go torture my sister or something. Heh.