Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Less hectic, less punishments.. :))

So I trained that forehand downserve (?) with Yi Hui first.
& i think I improved. But my back hurt-ed. So evilly.

Oh. &we came back from the break, we had to do that.. bend-knee thing. Whatsitcalled?
Grr. Well, it was painful. & mr kuan wanted to train our reaction so we had to switch from situp position to pushup position realreal quick or we'll have to do 5 rounds around the whole school. Owwie. & he was yelling "situp! pushup! situp!" etc in a very fast fashion. &oh. we had to do 20 pushups & situps. &i had to yell. but then, as pointed out, its easier to yell the "up" or the "down" cause im in the more relaxed position while yelling whereas the others have to count while struggling to do them. Still owwie.

&we continued training that forehand downserve thingy with Shu Juan (sp...?) after that. Xinyi's legs were shaking. X(
Ohh.. But I won 4 out of 6 matches! :D
I lost the two to Pan Hua. Its so unfair-ish!!
Both matches to the same person.


&we didn't run laps round the school today.
We just ran 6 "folds" of the hall. Wa. Still okie.
But we had to "warm down" which was more like warm up than anything else.

We were jogging around the hall.
& we're supposed to jog very very s l o w l y . . . .
and then jog some more.
and some more.
and even more.
still jogging.

Leg cramp. X((

I wanna sleep..
*hugs imaginary bed*
Goodnight. :33

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