Monday, October 9, 2006

*hugs the blogskin*

Why Masquerade?
Just cause I love masquerades.
You wear the fancy mask and hide yourself. Take a random dance partner and dance through the night & when the clock strikes twelve, show the world who you are.
HAHAHAHA. Sounds so fairytale.
I like. :33

&&i read a lot of masquerade stories. All the fanfiction I've read all seem to have masquerades somehow or another. &they're so magical. AHAHA.
Blame this on fanfiction people! They made me fall in love with masquerades.

If there was a grauduation night for us when we reach sec4... I'll yell masquerade.
They effing rock.

&so does Phantom of the Opera.
The above "lyrics" was taken from the musical. &yup, that musical is a beautiful, gilttering masquerade! (i think you people are getting sick of that word. Hehheh...)

Props to Danielle. She made the wonderful skin. :DDDDD *huggies*

&my sister was crazy yesterday.
Crazy as in, mental crazy.
She hugged me in the morning when i woke her up to get her to drink water cause she's got a horrible sore throat. &in the afternoon, she yelled at me for.. well, i have no idea. &She was glaring daggers at the board when the glue burnt a hole through the syrofoam. &I was trying to tape from the bottom so the glue would stop eating away at the syrofoam while she just sat and glared at the syrofoam as though it would just miraculously be one whole if she stared hard enough. Then at night, she started whining cause her CID project isn't completed & she glared at me when I asked her to let me help.
Like, wth?!!
&she started mugging at 11pm cause she's got a science exam today.
There is something wrong with her.

Well yeah.
Are we supposed to return to school on friday or thursday?

Ahhh yes.
Have to call Valval aka Mama Bitchy.
I dont want my head bitten off... Heh.

&yup. Skin number4 on blogskins as well!
I made that yesterday & I lurve it. But im not gonna use it.
The screenshot...HERE!
Hehe.. &dont look at me. I got the original image off foto_decedent. AHAHAHAHA.
I love that place. The photos rock.

&Val just called.
we talked for an hour straight.. OH&I havent eaten.
WaAaa.. TMR:
Meet Val @ 9.30
Vii's house @ 10.00 to fix Mummy's hair.
Peiling & WeiTing will come @ 10.30.
Peiling, Mummy & I leave at 11.00.
&reach tiong @ 11.30.

Hahahahahahhahahah.. hectic timetable. :DD

&Val's comp crashed.
Poor girl. I think she was using MS Paint just to ease her boredom.

sis is evil.
Well, yeah. SHE IS!!

Sorry, havent linked you up yet. :DD
HEHE. I'll do it now okiepokie? :33

&i have nothing more to say. :))

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