Sunday, October 15, 2006

Table tennis was so tiring.

&Ive got muscle cramps.
So I cant walk properly and I cant stretch my arms without wincing.

&I lost the four matches Ive played and earned myself 55 pushups & sitpus, not including the ramdom 20 I had to do somewhere in between.
The only highlight was that we only ran 3 rounds and I was STILL second among the sec1s(evil peishan...)~

I made a manip!
Unfortunately, it isn't very nice.. :((((
Heh. The ending result was Vii & He Jun Xiang "getting married".
&I will spare you guys by NOT posing the manip here.
Ahahahahahhaha~ XDD

Well yeah.
I dont have anything in particular I would want to ramble on.
Except maybe that I love This site but that's it.


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