Friday, November 17, 2006

Listening to Magic Room.
Ahahahahs. Reminds me of the time we crashed at Vii's house to watch Wang Zi Bian Qing Wa and her maid was hollering at us to "CLEAN UP THE MESS YOURSELVES!".
Heh. So scary.

Vii isn't online on msn. &she's probably migrating to England to study. Bad, bad Vii!

Im multitasking!
Here, Im blogging, then Im looking for music and writing and reading and desgning all at the same time! My poor computer. I hope it doesn't lag... HEHEH.

I said the wrong thing.
Now the music site is lagging. -.-"

I can't believe I can feel bored while multitasking.
Im getting weird-er by the day. -.-ZZZ

&with bored-ness comes random-ness.
Or nothing-ness.
Or maybe crap-ness which is what you're reading right now.

Mmmkay` I think I'll click the pretty publish post down there and go back to being bored beyond hope.

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