Thursday, November 16, 2006

Tabletennis was so funny today.
For the first half of the time, I was having trouble with the aiming thingy and mr kuan kept shaking his head.
I was so pathetic can. ><

ohOH but then he trained us (as in Cindy & I) for the forehand, backhand and.. what was that? Okay, you know what, Im horrible with the names of the service techniques so please spare me the agony of coming up with ridiculous names. ^^

It was pretty much fun. :D
oh. But I think the weather was against me.
At 2pm (the time we're supposed to be released) it started pouring like mad and I got my legs and socks all wet. EEE. &the people at the busstop are so..
Its like, when the weather is all bright and happy, the busstop is so deserted. -.-
&when the rain comes, I cant get a seat. Its so..

Or maybe its just me, rambling on and on about something that is perfectly normal.

Ignore me.
I think I have PMS.

Dont kill me Mummy!
I serious about the unlucky thing.
Or maybe its just cause all my goodluck got passed on to you on your birthday.
Now I don't have to get you a present.
but you still get to see "james bond's hot bod" while im stuck at home, drinking green tea, blasting music and rotating from the tv to the kitchen to the computer.
Yes, *nods* you most definitely got all my goodluck.


Im still trying unsuccessfully to creat a Val/Mingdao manipulation.
Waah. Horrible. (heh)
So send me more photos now or you wont get your face next to your bai ma wang zi's.

Cheerios! ♥

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