Sunday, November 12, 2006

Vintage much?

I don't even know if I'll stick to this skin for more then a month.
I have the attention span of a fish.

Okay, Im real psyched up here... Chalet's coming!
*starts dancing*
But then again, I have a table tennis competition on the day after Tuesday. -.-
Still. I hope the "Downtown East" they're talking about has a beach. Yay beaches! &we'll all die if it rains. Or, like what WeiTing suggested, we can all run out and do a little endurance test if the weather really decides to go against us.


I'm in a real crappy mood now.
Typing like heck cause I have to go swim with my lil godsis in the afternoon.
(NOOOOOO!!! And you cant make me!) I didn't want to but my aunt made me. (How very contradicting. Grr..) Hahahs. I sound so evil here.

So the merry month is coming and I'm on the verge of being broke. GRAA!

I have not in the faintest idea know WHAT TO BUY!
Or get. Or make. Or anything else thats has the same meaning.

Oh yay.
I just had a very nice argument with my mom.
&Im not going to go all anal on it on my own blog cause Val will start lecturing me.
And not meaning to be a bitch here, but I hate it.

Mood from bad to trashy.

I'll just go now before I break my computer screen.

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