Thursday, November 23, 2006

Ytd Val, Wtng & Peiling came.
&They got to eat instant noodles and I had to stick to my Japanese curry. ><
Tis unfair.

SOO. We went to Orchard. And on the way to the mrt and on the ride itself, Weiting was telling us 'so-called' ghost stories.
And it was something like, there was this ghost cat.. and a girl.. and the girl got attacked by it... blahblahblah.. went back home, her mom saw her with her hair all bloody, mattered and blood was (supposedly) dripping off the tips of her hair. And when her mom called her over, she raised her head and her face was (again, supposedly) all mutated, lifeless, with big scary eyes and a death glare... &blah.
And Val Mummy tried to act out what the girl looked like (minus the blood) and she turned to me and I thought she looked more like Paul Twohill then anything but when she turned to Peiling, that girl screamed. IN THE MRT. So damn embarrassing!!
And the people were staring at her and she was breathing damn hard and Weiting was laughing.


Cathay @ Orchard.
And the lifts are freaking scary.

There four lifts.. two of them have adverts for that Texas Chainsaw thing-y and the other two had the pick of destiny.
The first lift we got into was the Texas Chainsaw one (which is rated R-21 {M18?} thankyou) BUT it was crowded with people. And there was a security guard inside as well. :D
And after we bought the tickets, we wanted to go 'walk around' cause the movuie starts at 3. And which lift did we board? The pick of destiny. But it isn't happily ever after there.
Mmkay, ME, thinking that everything is happily safe (Pick of Destiny people!) leaned on the wall. And Val was like, "What are you leaning on?"

And that was how I saw myself leaning on this bloody hand with claws.

Okay, fine.
You'll be thinking, "And that's scary?" but I wasn't even expecting it! PICK OF DESTINY! TWO WEIRDO GUYS WHO STEAL A FREAKING PICK! WITH A BLOODY MANGLED CLAW-Y HANDD IN THE ADVERT!!!!!!! *hyperventilates*

HAHAHA. And we used the testers on our nails. XDDD
And we made Val treat us to a Brownie icecream!! :D
So damn freaking nice. But Val didn't eat it.
I think she's a teensy bit traumatized that im 38kg while she's 40.
I don't why she has to get so scared for.
Weird girl wants to be malnutritioned. -.-

The time was 3.05 so we were in a mad rush to get to the cinema. (YES,we know there are adverts for the first 10 mins. We're just precautious alrighty?) SOO. We had no choice (unless you want us to take the escalator. 2nd floor to 6th.) but to take the dreaded LIFTS!
&unfortunately, we were the only ones in the Chainsaw lift.
THE ONLY ONES!! AND THE LIGHTS WERE SO DIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Kay, fine. I'm not comfortable with horror movies. Horror stories I so can take.)

Niway. I was staring at Peiling's arm and crushing the icecream cup.

Val Mummy wanted to ohso kindly tell me there's nothing to be scared of and she leaned on the wall which happened to have that murderer's picture on it which led me to look at his face.
I'm getting creeped out.

By the time the lift got to the sixth floor (a couple of seconds but I thought it was way too long) my gaze was surgically attached to Peiling's arm and the icecream cup reduced to a crumpled heap of recycled materials and melted icecream.

We got to watch the movie.
I'm happy enough. :DD

Letsee... I'd say Step Up's plot is cliched. The ups were that the actor(ess)s were damn good and that their dance moves totally rockkked. :DDDDDDDDD
So cool. (Weiting disagrees)

Channing Tatum rocks.
I wanna dance I wanna dance I wanna dance I wanna dance.
Ooh. Speaking of dancing, Aidan is in the International Dance at school!
Robotics to dancing.
But it's so cool luh!(Dancing)

We all went back to Vivo and Mummy and Peiling wanted to dance in the water at the Sky Park. HAHAS. So funny. Mummy nearly fell into the water. *tries not to laugh*
Don't kill me mummy...

We went to The Face Shop...
for MORE nail polish testers!
AHAHA. We were that nutty.



In my opinion, Tha Face Shop's nail polish is waayy better.
Here's the nail I painted at Missha:

AND YES, don't say anything, I know all the nails look fugly and rushed.
But what can I do?
I was trying realreal hard to remian nonchalant while painting my nails, looking at them and frowning while applying another coat, tsking under my breath and looking as though I'm testing them like a real professional, not like I'm having fun wasting their nail polish. XPP

But either way,
had fun ytd.
Peiling returned me my belt but Mummy left my shirt back at her house. >:( >:((((

My (real) mom thought I lost it.. ><

Im having a friendly match with RVHS later.
I have a faint feeling I'm gonna get trashed.
(Keyword: faint. EHEHEHE)

But still, RV is a pretty good school at tabletennis..


Just had to post this:

Remember the class chalet?
WELLL.. Val bought facial masks!
Weiting, Jane and her were parading around with them on their faces:

Jane's the smart alec; she knows the photos will be circulated all over the internet. BTW; MUMMY! Dont kill me! Source of the photos are from Jac's blog!

Take note of Weiting.
A true model can. See the black nails she has in the photo? EHEHE.

I agree with Jac.
Someone drugged the wings.
(Muscleache my foot! Look at her!)

The remains of the visit to Macs that Jac, Kat and I made when Kat had a craving to chew something and Jac just got plain hungry and I was restless since the beds were so cramped.
BTW; see the 7up raspberry?
Yup, that belongs to Jiansheng. Sorry...
We three are guilty. ><

We were piling our legs on top of one another's. Don't ask me why nor the point of this game. Mummy suggested it.

Okay.. So weiting and I started the first fire for the first pit. No picture avaliable.. but the second pit was by Brenda and Weiting.
Brenda is hereby known as The Great Fanner!

We were playing Pictionary when Jac took this.
Pouncing on her was FUN! XD

Anyway; props to Jac, who insists on credits, for the chalet photos.


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