Monday, May 28, 2007


Okay boys and girls! Today, we shall revise on three topics.

man, i make a horrible teacher...


I was sorted into Group 1!! And luckily, DEVY my darlingg was there! YAY! HAHAHAH. Then there's Bryan, Edward, Edwin, Eric, Jian Sheng, Xin.. Yun? (I can't remember his name. lol), Geno, Fong Chan or somehting, Onion (thats what I call him. It isn't a nickname, I really can't remember his real name!!), Farhan aka little brother, Rahim (don't kill me over the spelling thing), Alvin, Little Eric, Jing Yuan (omg. my memory is failing me), Yue Yong, Devy, Stefanie and ME!!

Honestly, I can't call her Stefanie. I'm much more used to her old name, cause in primary one we were in the same class and when we meet again, she changed her name. I still think her old name was cuter. LOL. <33

So we had the Ropes first! And we were so so so UNLUCKY!! :((
Cause it was DAY ONE and because it was DAY ONE, almost EVERYONE were damn MONKEYS. And we got lecture after lecture. AHHHHHHHHHHH. AND FUTHERMORE, it rained. SO SAD OKAY!!! That was 3 or 4 hours of rope climbing GONE! POOF!


My group did all the low elements (really NOT fun) and we only did two high elements! GOOD BYE SKYWALKER!! And I didn't do the second one cause stupid me was tired after the first climb and I living in my own HAPPY LITTLE WORLD where I thought we could still go on the skywalker. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! *is sad*

Okay. So, I only did one high element and I DIDN'T EVEN RING THE BELL. Super sad super sad. LOL. It was only when I was back on the ground did I think of going up the tyres using another way. YES I WAS STUCK ON THE FREAKING TYRES. My instructor was telling me to put one foot on the lower tyre and the other on the higher one but I almost killed myself trying. LOL. Yesyesyes, I couldn't grab the upper log while standing on the tyres as she wanted me to cause I was too short. Happy now. BLEH. xP
HAIIII. First day = DAMN FREAKING SAD. ANd My group was so NOT bonded. HEHEHE. That night slept in WeiQi's tent cause my tent only had Devy and Yue Yong and they were alr fast asleep. No fun. X(

Even though the activities were SUPER BORING, I think I loved that day more. Cause my group was super bonded. ^^ And the rafting thing was SUPER FUN cause I was the -ahem- leader and everyone was listening to me. LOL! AHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Don't worry, it didn't get to my head like it normally does. xP
I LOVE YUE YONG. She rocked at tying everything together okay!! Even the instructors were super impressed. AHAHHA. I tried to follow but the rope kept sliding away and I gave up.

THE DOWNFALL: Low tide. We didn't get to try our rafts. :( AND I WAS SO DAMN SURE OUR RAFT WOULD FLOAT! Everything was tied so tightly and nicely and almost every pole had a barrel tas support.. Yes, we're good thinkers. HAH.

Well. The instructors let us play in the water! And we spalshing and splashing and SPLASHING! And I got a whole mouthful. Damn unhealthy okie. BLEHHH. X( And that nemo instructor was using his shoe to scoop water up and splash into out faces!! GAAAH! And I threw away a pair of socks cause they, once white, were brown and green all over. Disgusting. I knoooow. *agony* And a millipede was crawling up Alvin's foot when we were washing our shoes and feet at the washing basin.
One word. SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And he was kicking his foot all around and I WAS BEHIND HIM! GAAH! *hides*

And we were supposed to wash only once a day. So that means, if we bathe aft rafting, we can't bathe aft the amazing race. And if we don't bathe aft rafting, we get to bathe aft the amazing race. IMPOSSIBLE! We were WET and STICKY ALL OVER and THUS we (meaning Vii, Pei Shan, Devy, Yue Yong & I) broke the rule (again) and bathed aft rafting and aft amazing race. SO SILLY CAUSE ALMOST ALL THE OTHER GIRLS REALLY WENT TO THE AMAZING RACE SMELLING OF THE SEA. -ahem- I'm not being evil. Nope.

Amazing race was damndamndamndamndamndamn FUNNNNNNNNNN. Yes we have to walk under the hot sun, yes we have to walk alot and yes I got two blisters but the whole group was so bonded I almost cried. AND I WAS IN CHARGE OF COPYING DOWN THE SYMBOLS! (kinda) Super fun. LOL. But we kinda lagged at the maze part and we only completed 6 stations. And we cut GINGERBREAD MEN FOR THE INSTRUCTOR FOR THE FIRST STATION and she said they were super cute, even though we actually divided the work and some of us actually TORE gingerbread men out without scissors. HEHEH. And that edwin is super smart okie!! Cause at the 6th station they gave that prisoners thing and we really didn't get it and that Eric tried to CHANGE THE SHAPE of the prison and we got that disappointed-eyeroll thing from the instructor so many times!! AHAHA. Then edwin just came up and wrote '2' on each of the four corners and the instructor was like " *insert relieved sigh* Correct." AHHAHAHA. Then Edward tied the rope thing cause I was super horrible at it. He was only 3/4 done when he didn't know what to do next but the instructor still signed the form anyway. WHEEEEEEEEEE. Bad thing was, it was alr 3.20, so we had to go back. That means 6 stations. Aye. But still pretty good MWAHAHHAHAHA. Cause a lot of pple were stuck in the maze. *triumphant grin*

AND THE CAMPFIRE WAS SO SILLY! I didn't become as high as I normally get but it was still pretty okiepokie! Poor 2F, almost their whole cheer was alr performed by other classes before them. LOL. So Val, Ting, Vii, Stef, a few other girls and I were screaming insane-y for them when they came up. HEHHE. And yes, SOME BOYS in the class were really horrible but thou shalt naught mention names. *smile*

That night I almost didn't have a place to sleep. GAAH. Then some girl complained that pple were switching tents and the instructor came 'round and I GOT MY TENT BACK! WHEEEEEEE. That was the first night I slept in my own tent HEHHE.

Third day was alright. Pretty normal, but damn sad we couldn't reach the target. 400!! INSANE! LOL. I fell asleep in the bus. Tiredtiredtired. I love my bed. A lot. And I love super long showers. <33333333333333333333333333 HEHEHHE.

Well ooooookie.
It's super late now.

We shall continue on and on with lessons 2 & 3 tmr! AHHA. See. Lousy teacher. xDD

Kisses & bangs!
Sleep tight world!! xDD


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