Monday, July 9, 2007

Of etcetera and tag replies!

I'm blogging at 11 at night. On a SCHOOL NIGHT. -le gaspeth- The horror! And you now why?


I FEEL SO LOVED! -feels loved-

Normally my blog's dead and I wouldn't really mind, but HELL. Lots of tags, I'm so happy, and I'm so high and I'm nutty all over and I can't stop. WHOAAA. RHCP REFERENCE! Or more like, FCHP! Courtsey to Ben -coughcoughNUWANDA- Fking Hot Chilli Peppers eh. FWAHAHHA.

Okay. Val, your blog's a boring old fart cause the song makes me sleep. AHA. NONONONON. It's good! I love it! Full House non? But hell! I've been reading and RE-READING your posts, they were kinda not-updated and once you throw the song in, POOF. Instant man. I need my bed.

Know what, AD's gonna perform on Nat Day! LOL! Better clap and cheer and scream till youre hoarse kayy. Cause I can see you. Yeahyeah. I can SEE you from my ridiculously high position on the stage/podium/etcetc. -laughs insnaely- Dear god, I'm so high, I'm lost. o_o. -looks around-
Yeah. So we're gonna perform and we're gonna make you fall in love with us and you're gonna ask for our autographs! -dreams- Heh. Jealous now, eh,eh,eh? C'mon. xD

RIGHTYHO. I'm like. Making a pirate-themed blogskin for our class blog! It's super plain but still super kawaii and hell, I just cut myself. -_-.

So all my loving readers aka taggers. Now you know.. Heyheyhey, where are you running away to!?

LOL. I can't wait to jamjamjam . I'm going insaneinsane -as can be seen in this all nonsense post-. ZOMG. JAMJAMJAMJAM!!

RIGHT. Okay. TAG REPLIES the thing i was here for in the first place! <333
Again, I FEEL SO LOVED, like look, even daniel tagged, and i don't normally talk to him! ZOMG. -feels loved again!-

VAL: LOL! Daughter loves ya too, rest assured. ZOMG. I CANT WAIT FOR MY BUILD-A-BEAR BEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CINDY: MWAHHA. Updated! Be happy! Be proud! EHEHEHE!

PEILING: PEIPEI!!! -GLOMPS- WHE, i havent seen nor ralked to you in like 5648643216987 light years! WHERE WERE YOU??? LOL, yeah okay. -zips mouth- HEH. Okay, I'll link you up soon, but I'm sorry not now. I'm in a dreadful rush. <33 -wink- LOVE YA <33

JOLENE: BABOON! MY DARLING DARLING BABOON! Even you tagged! WHY DID YOU TRANSFER TO ST MARGS HUH HUH HUH? Otherwise you couldve been in GESS 2G! And you'll be able to meet all my friends!! Baboon! ~~

LAW: $#%^&*(). COOL! You tagged you tagged! Lol, sorry don't let my craziness scare you. Yes you're short. Yes you're irritaing. But don't worry, you're cute as well! As in, little brother cute. FWAHAH. I am soooo freaking you out. -shuts- By the way, its T A R E. As in. Tear. Yeahyeahyeah. Not tar-re. Altho it sounds superfly, but I aint gonna reply to that. It's a bit ew if you think about it. Not that my original isn't ew but shush. Tag more tag more!

CXY: -fives- WOO. You're a mind reader! <33

LORRAINE: Dang. You two are ganging up on me even though you haven't met each other have you? -locks lorraine and val in separate broom closets- HAH. <333 I'll go comment on your blog soon. Sorry I haven;t been arnd, it's been busybusybusy. Le sigh. Yeah sure, go enjoy your life in AU. I'll slave my butt away! Then I'll be thin and you won't. GAAH! -ducks knife- LOL. Love ya ! -huggles- YOURE WARM!

LAW: It's you again! xD Heyheyhey, you have to be more classy when rebutting a statement you hear? 'therwise, you get nowhere. Uhhuh.

CXY: Exactly like that! HAH.


BENJI, ALL AROUND PERVERT, 2F: LMAO! Yeah you tagged. WOO! Tag more (x3)!

DANIEL: ZOMG EVEN YOU TAGGED! LOL. Me guess you daniel. Am I right? Am I right? xDD

And more tags = more love. No. Not shameless affection.
Gosh, I should like Akito from Fruits Basket. GAAH. Akito! ALL HAIL! *bowsbows*

I am so insane, I don't know what to do next.
*self-inflicted high*

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. -dies-

Shameless plug...

And tags make Cher a very happy girl! Aw. You like to see me happy. You know it. xD

CHER! <3

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