Monday, October 29, 2007

mr. weather is sad too.

The weather was really pretty it didn't know what to feel too.

A bit of sun, a splash of rain.

Maybe it was sad too,that it had to say goodbye to its friends ;the autumn air, the browning leaves,fall's breath.

But winter's just as pretty as autumn, so the weather shouldn't be so sad, right? Maybe that's why there was sun.

But looking at the rain. I felt sad too.

Please bear with me for a little while more. I won't be so toneless. Just a bit longer.

Friday, October 26, 2007

drain plug

i don't know where to start really..
its kind of sad, kind of happy, kind of empty, but beautiful, and yet silent.
like something bubbling from my chest and refuses to come out. so it'll swirl and swirl... and calm,and stay there forever. :)

today's the last day of school, the last day of 2g, last day of, well. just about that. but it felt so painfully horrid, like we're all going to die and never see each other again. i swear, i have never cried in class like that. sure it was like, twenty seconds, but even katty watty was shocked, the stupid speech-making person.

i love you all, even the irritating, annoying twats like luke. cause 2g wouldn't be 2g without you guys, and my life wont be filled if i didn't get to argue with you guys everyday. :D

its really indescribable, this feeling. i feel morbid, like maybe crying and crying will make me feel better, but really, its not like we're going to die, so ill just look stupid. you cant pinpoint this. its not really sadness, its touches the surface and dances with air. so i wouldn't really know the name for it. ;)

it feels like a drain plug
and its pulled,
so its sucking down everything
draining, draining
and the sound,
its laughing at me
for not being able to stop it maybe
and so i see the water rushing down
and then the basin's empty
empty, but clean.
and then i slide down and stare.

my cheeks were itchy, and i was hiding my face with kat's shoulder. i don't like crying in class, i'll look fugly.. but still. ;)

you're my lilo, a very not cute lilo. stop making me cry on purpose you twat, i look ugly and will be embarrassed, and you know it. no, im not missing your perverted antics.nope. not at all. really. and im not crying again, what are you talking about? the dust there just got in my eye. you twitty, silly, ignorant, rude, loud... THING. i have too much to say to you, i don't even want to say them. if i decide to go to triple science and ultimately leave you to rot in phy + chem, you can call me stupid. :) you're the lead g. don't ever change, and don't grow your hair. i'll hate you if you do. :D MAY THE COLLAR-NY LIVE ON!

it's obvious i can't be in the same class as you next year. i won't take chem + bio.. things will be so awkward, without that act-cute girl sitting in front. i really don't know what to say. may the recess gang live on! be a good band-member, and study hard, okay! jiayou! i can't wait for the chalet. i'm going to be reduced into a blubbering, sobbing idiot. cry with me. :)

my god. if i drop triple to take phy + chem, i'd miss you heaps. cause i won't have this loud girl next to me... you rock ahma. you rock heaps and tons. i love you lots, and i really want to be in the same class as you. please don't ever turn into a sissy girl, you rock like brenda does. i don't know what to say to you too.. i'm really lost, and i really don't want to write this, because it marks the end.and i want nothing to end..

you annyoing, irritating, loud, kind, nice person. i'm going to miss our lit adventures. if there's no ss + lit, i'll see you in pure lit. but if there is then.. I'LL MISS YOU, YOU BAKA, BLOCKHEADED DAUGHTER. blur queen. i don't like you, you know why? cause you're a blockhead, and you don't know what i'm really trying to say is i'll miss you and your insane ideas. i'll see you in tt, and may things never ever change! i'll still argue with you everyday, i hope? let's pray we won't be too distant to do so. :) love ya daughter. i'll be sure to have that blanket ready.

now where to start? you and i go way back, right? the purple friendship thing... let's hope you can remember that in sec 4. if i don't go to the same class as you.. my god. i don't want to think about it. we grew distant after pri 3... and now we're close again. now we're going to be spilt, by class differences again. AGAIN. i hate that. i hope tt will be the same forever, cause i love you tons, and everybody in tt. i want to see you and peishan running around, screaming and swatting each other, jac glaring at you two, the immature pair. cindy sms-ing and charis standing next to me, tsking at whatever we just went through. i don't ever want to grow distant from you again, it sucks. i'll miss you, a lot. a lot. a lot.

my darling number four. i'm sorry i haven;t been the most welcoming when you first became a musketeer. i'm sure you must have disliked me. i love you lots, my sole fanfiction-lover. you gave me that risky edge, you know? no, im not dying, neither are you. but i know we won't be together next year, cause i won't be taking chem + bio. excel in art k. excel and have your fashion designs be plastered all over the school walls. i'm lost for words. i can't type. -reaches over to grab tissue box- i'll really miss your loud exclamations in class. i bet my next class won't have someone like you. you're way too unique, way too special. i can't continue. -uses tissue- STOP MAKING ME CRY DAMMIT. i look horrendous. le sigh. i'm like a sec 4, graduating. pfft. silly cheryl. i'm too emotional about this.

mummy. i really don't know if we're going to the same class or not. i love you lots. thank you so much for being there for me. you're probably always the first one to notice my mood, when i'm sad, or angry, disappointed, or maybe even way too high. i can't type. -grabs more tissue- my eyes are leaking again. they're faulty, must get them fixed. anyway. if i don't go to the same class as you... well. things will be boring. you hyperactive cloniie. STUPIDSTUPIDSTUPIDSTUPIDSTUPIDSTUPID

hmm. win more stuff for running! GROWGROWGROW! don't slack, and looks like your free lunch is no more. so sad, you were so close. 105, right? hehe. maybe if i'm nice enough i'll treat you. congrats for working hard, you've improved a lot, i'm really proud of my daddy. i can't belive you were of the same height as me in sec 1. AND I CANT BELIEVE SEC 1 and 2 ARE OVER ALREADY. it's so fast, i mean. it was like, only yesterday when you ran away in fright cause val, vii and i were trying to mess up your hair. GROWGROW. you're a very nice person, really,really. please stay that nice forever, :)

i don't know what to say to you, you stupid shifu. you're nice too. and lots of people don't believe me, but i think you're nice. yes, you are. just drop the haughty act k. study hard, ahgong. you're a really good friend to me. :)

thank you lots and heaps for today. i feel a lot a lot better. you're a really good listener! :D hehe i probably wouldn't let you see me without specs for quite some time... but maybe i will, one day. since you said it isn't a bad thing, hahahah. i like granite walls now. so symbolic, :) you can't change too, cause i think you're really super nice the way you are. don't be so busy all the time AND SLEEP EARLY -underlines- yeah? ;) congrats on your class position! if i don't take triple.. then i hope we won't grow distant. that's really not good. work hard for next year, even if i'm not in that class! must get top in level k.and then my form teacher will mention you again and again, you popular thing. i have lots to say to you, and typing them out is really weird. so..may the fifth come soon! :D

my first ever friend in gess. i thank you, lots and lots, for saying helo to me on the first day of school. it made me really happy. i'm not good at making friends, and i was really alone on the first day, cause most of the rmps girls were not in 1G'06. so, you really have no idea how happy i was when you tapped me on the shoulder and said, "HELLO!" i felt really, really glad. and now, even though that memory is so clearly etched in my head, we're going to say farewell if i don't pick triple. i hate it. i don't want to grow insignificant in your mind, mahjong shifu. please don't change, you're a sweet person, and you really taught me a lot. i love you tons, number three. tons and tonnes. plus one more kilo on top.

and so, the year's going to end.
i wonder if much is going to change next year. i really hope not.
and maybe, just maybe, something went wrong with the school sorting system, and we have to stick to our regular classes for another two more years, and use the same old classroom. we've bonded with our classroom. they cannot just strip us of it.

it feels really empty inside again. i can't type.
i probably wouldn't be able to take it during the chalet. i can' help it, 2G rocks to no end. i love 2G-ians. tons. tons. heaps.

2Ghee forever.

so the drain plug's fitted back into place, but it won't ever be the same, cause the contents are all washed away.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Back to School simply marvellous!

Yeah it's nice. Missed my class (can anyybody say aww?) and talking to everybody in sight.

Got my results back todayyyyy. GAAH. Though I beat Jac for lit (97, woohoo!) I lost to her in English. Which is, almost like: FINALLY. Why? Cause we've been tying for every SINGLE darn english test. CA1, tie. SA1, tie. CA2, TIE. And now SA2, I've heard that my (eng) paper one had to same marks as hers, overall. BUT NOOOO. I JUST HAD TO LOSE TO HER IN PAPER TWO. One evil mark. One. ONE. Not two, not three. ONE!! And thus ends the legacy of the 'tying-twins'. Or whatever. I got 38, she got 39.


And now, for the english overall-overall-OVERALL, she's gonna win me by like, 0.05, or whatever score one mark carries. Hey, it's a lot okay.

So nyyehhhh Jac. TAKE THAT!

Today was pretty slack (how not to be?). Got results back ,yada yada. Had some lengthy talks with Cinyi (mwahahaha. I'm still going to use that Cinyi thing). Yeah. Glad you could vent some of that Cinyi-anger on those poor mooncake boxes. I knew they were kept in class for some reason. ;)

Must take it eaaaaaaasy yeah. Nicely, nicely. And then when you're old with like, 50 kids you can laugh at this past! (Hopefully I'm with you to laugh at the 'past'. Which is actually the present right now)

Went to eat at kfc! And Cher finally had lunch! How rare. -___- (For a school day I mean)

Managed to drag Ryan and Leonard along. (Plus Sean. Cinyi [mwahahah. i am so childish] and me)
Leonard was being super retarded and laughing at EVERYHING. I bet that poor girl got scarred for life cause some strange teenage boy laughed at her falling bag.

BAD LEONARD. VERY BAD. -shakes head-

Poor Sean. His mind is too... pure. You should come to Radin Mas one day, Sean. You will emerge with Kat's thinking mentality.

Yes okay. So we went home. Royal princess Chen was feeling better I hope? HAHA. Waichong still owes you a kfc treat yeah. ;) LOL. Yes, so. Hope you're sleeping. :D

I shall now watch more anime. And wait for tuesday to come so that I can go back to school again.

Can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Let's call it Martini

Went to Val's house yesterday.
Main point was to be a taitai but i guess it wasn't all that possible. :D
Pretty fun, irritated Weilun with Val's email (that's Ting & I, mind) and she started 'lalala'-ing at the back of her room.
And went to swimmm!
Silly Valerie had bad aim and threw the little basketball into the bushes. :\
We got it out in the end. :D

Tried to film MVs!
First was Gimme More, by Britney Spears. We were advertising APPLE JUICE!
It was a complete and utter f a i l u r e. BUT IT WAS FUN.
Val cannot act like a big-shot. And she gagged on apple juice, tsktsk. xD

So we tried A Little Too Late, Jojo.
It was brilliance! Vall can act emo, hahaha. It was fun filming, and I almost got my phone and Val's phone drenched, but it was alright. I should post the part I think was best (Val emoing on the slide) but she'd murder me. :DDD

Went back up to her house and watched The Devil Wears Prada! Like Ting said, the book was so much better. :\ But it was nice. Anne Hathaway is really good!! :D
Slacked around, ate, couldn't put Melbit back into his cage and painted nails an ugly shitty black-purple. -__- EEP. But I got it off. :D

And I have completely managed to make that fun day sound so boring. Congrats Cher. :D

So I'm here now, giddily happy about the chalet! Also burning songs into a CD so that I can blast it during the chalet. <3 data-blogger-escaped-br="">
Also on Multiply. Very hoooked on it. :DD It's like Blogger, but you can listen to music (so it's like Myspace) and can also upload photos (so it's like Shutterfly) and uplaod videos (Youtube?) and everything. IT'S LIKE A BIG COMBO PACKED ON ONE PAGE! And the layouts are very... spiffy. :D I'm using this Martini one. Unlike blogger, whose default blogskins are a bit... >< Yeah.


Monday, October 8, 2007

Moodswings are just...

Absolutely spiffy. -_-
I feel like murdering someone right now.
Wtf is your problem?!??

ANYWAY. I went to see the chalet today. :)
With my fellow Board members, CXY & iShoon.
LOL. Shoon treated us to ice-cream, also to make CXY feel better. HAHA. I got Chocolate Crush and CXY Got Royal somethingsomething. AT SWENSENS! AHAHA. Poor Sean, I think we tore a hole in his pocket. Yeah we took neoprints too. It was silly, first one we were stupidly high, and the second one was just.. boring. I guess. Will upload truckloads to photos later. ANYWAY.

We got a taxi driver who was soo.... !@#%^&**((
Yeah. Here's the convo:

Us: Aloha Loyang
Driver: Huh? Aloha? Got loyang meh?
CXY: Er, that's what the chalet is called.
Driver: -pauses to stare at us- Orh.

We were taken for a $6.00 ride and when the taxi stopped in front of a few chalets, Sean exclaimed,


Driver: HUH? Not Changi meh??
Driver: AIYO! Never say at first. Now have to detour back. Aiyo la.

We arrive at Aloha Loyang and the driver turns to exclaim:

"Next time must say ma! When you come on board must open your mouth and say. See now have to spend extra $3.70 to detour. But nevermind la, I charge $6. Next time must say!"

And we were like, "Okay... thank you."

Aaaaaaaand. Look at the first thing we said when we boarded the taxi.

Us: Aloha Loyang

And his reply:

Driver: Huh? Aloha? Got loyang meh?

Yes Mr Taxi Driver, our mouths are sealed so tight we didn't mention Aloha Loyang. -__-

But still, thanks for not charging us the extra $3.70. =)

Chalet! Aloha Loyang was beautiful. THERE'S A POOL AND ARCADE THERE TOO! And a 'street soccer' field, which is also a basketball court and etcetc. Nice house, with four rooms, each with a toilet. And we got a bungalow which has a shortcut to the pool!! Aka the arcade aka the street soccer place. ;D It's pretty close to the main entrance too.

WHATEVER. Most of the description in the class blog! =D

Much love to Chen Xinyi & Sean!
Anyw. Must go.
Update class blog.


Saturday, October 6, 2007

Most Perfect Ever

Yes I'm beyond happy. Wonder if my results will allow me to stay in the mood. ;P
My maths paper 1 was a disaster however. So strange. :| Didn't revise enough for the paper I guess. Spent too much time on geog.
Speaking of geog, that paper was rather not good. As in, I don't feel the absolute agony of, 'NOO!!! I DIDNT COMPLETE THE PAPER!! NOO!!! IM GOING TO FAIL!' Nope. Nopenopenopey. Just the kind of, 'Darn I shouldn't have lagged.' Yeah. :) My chinese paper has to be the worst. I was blanking out on every page. -.- My chinese composition was absolutely absolutely fine, and my english one made me happy. :)) Won't elaborate on the others, I'd bore you to death.

Anyway. Maths paper 2 was our last paper! YAY! Ytd went ice skating at Fuji Ice Palace.

Went with Val, Vii, Ting, Ryan, Wai Chong, Jian Sheng and Weilun.

Was pretty small for a public rink, but whatever. It was fun. Roller blading's easier, but it was FUN! And when you fall, it isn't like roller blading where you fall and grimace at the pain, but the kind of fun-ness. ESPECIALLY IF YOU SWIVEL. Swivelling after you fall is so fun and funny!! It's like doing an axel, 'cept youre on the floor. xD I got 4 blisters, two on each leg thanks to the skates and a cut on my hand, from I don't know where. Ice-skating was fun! You all should skate really. :))

Vii skated before but she forgot and kept freaking out and screaming. IT WAS SO EMBARRASSING!!! But she's my proudest trainee, cause she learnt how to skate after about 4 hours! Not fast maybe, but she doens't slip as much and she isn't clinging on to the side wall for dear life. Weiting was nice to skate with. We were pretending to be couple figure skaters and held hands, and when there were some people in front of us we let go and skated on our own, pretty quickly and at the same pace and when we passed the said-people, rejoined hands. BEYOND FUN!

LOL thats the only thing I can say about ice-skating.

I fell a couple of times, probably more than any of them (but waiwai got wetter than me. xDD), and I thank everythign dearly that the roller blading course taught me how to stand up after you've fallen otherwise I'd be flailing around helplessly, like Valerie and Vanessa. xDD But I taught them how to stand up eventually. Valerie was uber wobbly. Vanessa was scream-ish. Ting was perfect. Ryan was improving. Waiwai was ignoring my protests of him skating with a straight profile. Weilun was really good and Jian Sheng was... eh. Well, he was just skating. Not as smoothly as (i think) he wouldn've liked, but there was once when he fell, it almost resembled a tango dip! It was hilarious! And one when I was doing the couple thing with Weiting, she suddenly pulled my arm and did that tango (?) move, which was to twirl away and I jerked and fell. My toes were numb. LOL. I don't think they were supposed to be, but ahhhh. Thick socks were love. When you wear those 'death-wellies' you should wear thick socks, lest you get blisters. Ryan's ankle was bleeding and I think almost all the others got blisters too. ><

Left to eat, though I wanted to skate more, and took a bus to West Coast! Played at the playgrounds, and I got that fear-thing again when I was climbing on the spiderweb, like what happened that day during the tt chalet. xP But it was okiepokie. Not as fun as the one at Pasir Ris, but still uber fun! xD Didn't partake in flying fox, that thing didn't really have much of an impact on me. LOL. Maybe cause I've never sat on one before. But ahwell. :D Got a huge drink at Macs, and I didn't realise this was the size of a medium order drink. -.-
Goes to show how little I know of McDonalds.

Picture of Baldwin Beach, not the place we went, since I can't find any others.

Around 6.45 we went to the granite-wall place. We could've died if there was a huge tide, but we didn't. ;DD Just sat and talked and listened and talked and watched the stars and I almost fell asleep and for that moment I wanted to live on that granite wall forever. Confiscated Jian Sheng and Wai Chong's phones when they became irritating and took photos of Ryan and I. LOL I think my sister wouldn've been proud of my authority-ness. xDD

Yeah then it got pretty late. Went back home (thank you ryan!!) and miraculously didn't get scolded when I stepped into the house at 9.40 for dinner. Haha! Then I glued myself on the couch, watched a little of TV and fell asleep. It was a niiiiiiiiiiice day. Most perfect ever and we should repeat the entire process again! xDDD


On a less light-hearted note:
To my darling Chen Xinyi,
don't be down and don't drown. Really, you're fine. Don't stress out k, and buy more adidas merchandise. I'll go drag you out for ice-cream on Monday, with Sean, and we'll go organise this year's chalet. Don't blank out k. The chalet needs you very badly. ;) -hugs you- The purple friendship band doesn't like seeing you cry. LOL. If it had eyes that is..


Huggles! ;)