Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Let's call it Martini

Went to Val's house yesterday.
Main point was to be a taitai but i guess it wasn't all that possible. :D
Pretty fun, irritated Weilun with Val's email (that's Ting & I, mind) and she started 'lalala'-ing at the back of her room.
And went to swimmm!
Silly Valerie had bad aim and threw the little basketball into the bushes. :\
We got it out in the end. :D

Tried to film MVs!
First was Gimme More, by Britney Spears. We were advertising APPLE JUICE!
It was a complete and utter f a i l u r e. BUT IT WAS FUN.
Val cannot act like a big-shot. And she gagged on apple juice, tsktsk. xD

So we tried A Little Too Late, Jojo.
It was brilliance! Vall can act emo, hahaha. It was fun filming, and I almost got my phone and Val's phone drenched, but it was alright. I should post the part I think was best (Val emoing on the slide) but she'd murder me. :DDD

Went back up to her house and watched The Devil Wears Prada! Like Ting said, the book was so much better. :\ But it was nice. Anne Hathaway is really good!! :D
Slacked around, ate, couldn't put Melbit back into his cage and painted nails an ugly shitty black-purple. -__- EEP. But I got it off. :D

And I have completely managed to make that fun day sound so boring. Congrats Cher. :D

So I'm here now, giddily happy about the chalet! Also burning songs into a CD so that I can blast it during the chalet. <3 data-blogger-escaped-br="">
Also on Multiply. Very hoooked on it. :DD It's like Blogger, but you can listen to music (so it's like Myspace) and can also upload photos (so it's like Shutterfly) and uplaod videos (Youtube?) and everything. IT'S LIKE A BIG COMBO PACKED ON ONE PAGE! And the layouts are very... spiffy. :D I'm using this Martini one. Unlike blogger, whose default blogskins are a bit... >< Yeah.


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