Monday, October 8, 2007

Moodswings are just...

Absolutely spiffy. -_-
I feel like murdering someone right now.
Wtf is your problem?!??

ANYWAY. I went to see the chalet today. :)
With my fellow Board members, CXY & iShoon.
LOL. Shoon treated us to ice-cream, also to make CXY feel better. HAHA. I got Chocolate Crush and CXY Got Royal somethingsomething. AT SWENSENS! AHAHA. Poor Sean, I think we tore a hole in his pocket. Yeah we took neoprints too. It was silly, first one we were stupidly high, and the second one was just.. boring. I guess. Will upload truckloads to photos later. ANYWAY.

We got a taxi driver who was soo.... !@#%^&**((
Yeah. Here's the convo:

Us: Aloha Loyang
Driver: Huh? Aloha? Got loyang meh?
CXY: Er, that's what the chalet is called.
Driver: -pauses to stare at us- Orh.

We were taken for a $6.00 ride and when the taxi stopped in front of a few chalets, Sean exclaimed,


Driver: HUH? Not Changi meh??
Driver: AIYO! Never say at first. Now have to detour back. Aiyo la.

We arrive at Aloha Loyang and the driver turns to exclaim:

"Next time must say ma! When you come on board must open your mouth and say. See now have to spend extra $3.70 to detour. But nevermind la, I charge $6. Next time must say!"

And we were like, "Okay... thank you."

Aaaaaaaand. Look at the first thing we said when we boarded the taxi.

Us: Aloha Loyang

And his reply:

Driver: Huh? Aloha? Got loyang meh?

Yes Mr Taxi Driver, our mouths are sealed so tight we didn't mention Aloha Loyang. -__-

But still, thanks for not charging us the extra $3.70. =)

Chalet! Aloha Loyang was beautiful. THERE'S A POOL AND ARCADE THERE TOO! And a 'street soccer' field, which is also a basketball court and etcetc. Nice house, with four rooms, each with a toilet. And we got a bungalow which has a shortcut to the pool!! Aka the arcade aka the street soccer place. ;D It's pretty close to the main entrance too.

WHATEVER. Most of the description in the class blog! =D

Much love to Chen Xinyi & Sean!
Anyw. Must go.
Update class blog.


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