Tuesday, November 27, 2007


SOOOOOO. I went ice skating with Nicole and Luci on monday! But Auni couldn't come. =( Haven't seen her for a longongogng time. Ice skating was okay.. not as fun as the first time I went. And thus I conclude, you have to go with MANYMNAYMANY people! Then it'll be really fun! Val just told me they're going ice skating on thursday, BUT I CAN'T GO! And she said quite some people are going. Booo. I'm going to miss out.

Excuse me, this post is going to be a little bland. I'm down with the flu. Gaah. It's amazing so much mucus can come out from one nose. Eep.

I got into triple science! But there are so little 2G people in the class. I weep. It's got a pretty healthy dose of 2F people though. Wonder what it'll be like next year. 3G! Let's call it the G legacy. xD YAY 2G!!!

Anyway, Weiting, Kat and I have got the lit petition up!! Basically we're going to submit it to Mr Giam/Mr Lim and hopfully they'll be convinced enough to give us our literature (elective & pure). =) But we have to have lots of signatures, so you people, if you like literature and want it back on your timetable, don't hesitate to tell Wei Ting-y! Or me. xD

Anyway. The malaysia trip was good! I love Cameron, it was so cold and nice up there. The bus ride was tiresome though. I was clinging onto Brenda's feng you for dear life. And it's still with me. xD KL and Malacca were both good, but Cameron was the best. Rocked like no other. And also, the hotel provided its own bit of eerie-ness. xDDD Still, fun nonetheless. Everybody should go next time!!

And now, I go sleep. Because this post was so boring, it made me want to sleep. Pffft.

On a side note, I cut my hair!


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