Friday, November 9, 2007


i wouldn't post anything about the chalet, cause i feel really sad trying to type them out. i wish i cold, it'd probabbly make me feel much much better. but then again, i want to be selfish for once (mehh) and keep my thoughts to myself. xP

You could always read VAL's blog, JAC's blog, WEIQI's blog, CINYI's blog, TANXINYI's blog, KAIWEN's blog, WEITING's livejournal, JANE's blog.

THANKYOU. Some of them have pretty nice descriptions that made me feel all warm and fuzzy, and i'm really glad some of you really thought the chalet was nice. :D

THANK YOU TO VAL, VII, TING, RYAN, WAICHONG, LEONARD, WEIQI, BRENDA, KATTTY WATTY, JAC, CHEN XINYI, TAN XINYI, MRS TEE and manymany others, who made my life so much more worthwhile. :)

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