Monday, January 21, 2008

Fly, fly, like the time that trickles by



And we've learnt much alr -_____-
I'm sure I'm gonna fail with flying colours.

We went to celebrate wlun's ADVANCED BIRTHDAY. For those of you who don't know, his birthday's on the 23rd of January, so hinthinthint. We went to Safra(: They went to bowl, but birthday boy and I stayed on the hard, plastic-y chairs and competed over who could finish maths fastest (i lost T_T I TOTALLY WON)

The little bowling session was alright, and Vanessa was so funny cause she keeps screaming at the ball - as if it'd respond to her. Then she knocked the ball against her leg and fell down(AGAIN) and watched on in painful, screaming agony as in rolled into the gutter. SOOOO FUNNY! She left with Yangyou, those do-gooders. So we ploughed on, and wanted to pool, but the people inside were mean =\ Travelled to Harbourfront to eateateatttt, which we did at Pasta Mania. It was cheese glory. Cheese and cream glory.

Valerie dumped the entire contents of cheese powder into Weiqi's Creamy Chicken Penne, lol, the poor girl xD

BTW, to all you unsuspecting science-pros, Jared is out to beat you all xDDDD
(well, in chem & bio anyway)

I am uber proud to say that at 10:00PM the only piece of uncompleted homework I have is CHINESE. LET'S ALL CLAP FOR MEEEE =DD

Okay, so I have to go finish up chinese. T_________T
I have tt training tomorrow, it's going to be SO strange when i stalk in at 3:15, after my biology class, looking like a little lost lamb.


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