Friday, January 4, 2008

oh the agony

my class has got the unfortunate blessing of...


I mean, I was looking forward to going to school at eight. Meeting with 2G pple. BUT THE AP! -agony-

Well, it's the third day of school, a friday. I think the 3G people are nice, and some are dead funny, but one thing I really don't like is the workload and time constrain. It sucks, but we can't do nothing about it. We are the "triple science" class anwyay.

PS: I mean to say triple science in an all-important way. xD

Haven;t really gotten round to saying hello to some of them, but I did to those I already know. Like Lyn, Devy, Esther. Well yeah this class is really nice cause everyone's friendly :)

Strangely enough, our PE teahcer is our form teacher. xDD
And Mr Lim Bun, our math teacher! Ms Gladys Tan, the new teacher who came last year is our english teacher. And we got a really nice bunch of science teachers! xDD Well, nothing much to elaborate on. By the way the "heart-to-heart session" so many of your were curious about, lol it's just like an interview. They're asking about you, and well, that's it. Pretty awkward. I mean, having Mr Tay and Mr Lim Bun asking you so many questions that are out of their teaching subjects. Just.. weird. o__o

Well I can't really say much. I just hope the homework load miraculously can go down (snort). Lotsa love, I'll try to update the 2G as much as I can. Wahahahha.


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