Friday, January 25, 2008

round, round the roller coaster ride

couture; to talior. :)

ANYWAY. My internet is sooo annoying, it keeps closing for no reason =\

But I'm serious, it's so weird, like suddenly I'm looking at the world through a magnifying glass. AND GASP, I CAN FINALLY READ WORDS FROM THE BOARD!
Okay, it's not that horrible. =\

Let's see, I don't suppose I learnt much at all this week =\ (aside from maths, you always learn something in maths. and if you don't you could always say you learnt that you should copy down equations from the board very quickly otherwise my lim's even-quicker hands will erase everything before you begin to register what he wrote)

Ms Chui is hilarious, she keeps making funny faces. Ms Tay is really funny too, but she's a bit... ditsy-like? o__o

Louiza's my maths guru, but she's evil cause she keeps whamming a hand atop my head and going "WAR HAR HAR HAR!" -___- BAD LOUIZA. We love pinching each other's cheeks. She's so cuuuuuute! Unlike me, tyvm:)

Okay, I'm really drained -mentally, physically. It's tiring, like my brain's being sucked into this dark, dark room, it's contents unknown and wholly unusual. And maybe what lies within is A HUNGRY CROCODILLLLLLLE something ready to entrap my mind.

Yegod, my head hurts.

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