Sunday, January 13, 2008


I've already finished on the 3F blog. Hahaha. So strange that for once, when I make a class blogskin, I'm not really the one using it =\

Have to laugh in 3F's face, y'know? ;)

So life's been a very hectic blur, and I can't even pause to wonder at scenery anymore (not that I did anyhow). An otherwise peaceful afternoon/evening is always bombared with homework. But I guess that's what we get anyway, for being so ambitious =/

Have been talking to Weiting over the phone a whole lot more than past times, and it feels relaxing somehow (maybe it's cause I don't do my homework when I talk to her). But she's been like this hard anchor that's keeping me on the ground, and not flying off to god-knows-where, knowing my serious lack of at attention span. So thanks Weiting, though I doubt you even notice it.

Things have been changing, some for the better some for the not so good, but we all have to adapt anyway. And it's not my fault I sound like a bore. It's my lack, of sleep, seriously. A test on Wednesday awaits me, and maybe the only comfort is that I can sit for it without panda eyes. My tt coach's excusing me for training, y'see. Sigh. I feel kinda deprived from something. Like suddenly I'm this abnormal freak who actually gets excused from a table tennis training without a medical cert.

But since I've dived in, guess I'll just have to go on.

So tata y'all, I have to complete my amaths now. Have been putting it off for waaaaaaay too long. Now I look at the time and squirm. =/


PS: Manymany sorries to Val Vii and Ting, that I can't go spend some musketeer time with you guys. I feel bad, no doubt but yeah. It's already 2030 and I haven't memorized one thing about poetic structures.

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