Tuesday, February 26, 2008

complete crap

It was pretty darn bland today, and Mr Lim was being so cold, tsktsk. I wonder who made him so pissed off :[

Well I can't do emaths but amaths is just so fun.
Chem, I did good :] 22 and a half half, out of 25 ;]
Bio, SIGH. Seriously, I dread getting the paper back.

After school I had table tennis, and we finally had physical training aka RUNNING. And my running is sosososososooooo horrible, that I don't feel like blogging :[

Anyway, see, today was boring.
Except during lunch break Louiza and I were throwing a paper ball around and Yue Yoong was trying to whack it like a baseballer.

Unfortunately it likes me too much and keeps bouncing off my head when Yue Yoong's aiming gets too poor (which it is, all the time xD).

Nothing interesting, blablabla, hopefully tmr will be better. There's PE ;]
And I know what I waaaaaaant!

Monday, February 25, 2008

im so tired. wtf is my problem.


youre bad for me. and i should just shut up.
I forgot to mention, yesterday, when I ate at Sushi Tei, it was moth-infested. Seriously. And one flew into my soup and died a scalding hot death =__=

Anyway, Louiza's blog always makes me wanna update mine. I feel motivated yknow :3

Anyway, today was doom and more gloom. I think I'm going to fail Social Studies, it's just so crappy and I wrote NOTHING on the principles of governance (I didn't exactly read that part on the text book ;P) LALA. And also, my answer of question one was A PAGE LONG. I wonder if Miss Tan is going to keep her word and murder those who wrote too much :X [that is sooo unusual can]

We had Maths after that, and Mr Lim Bunny was kinda pissed off :[ Made me kinda sad, cause he's really a very nice person and suddenly he's all giving up hope on us and sarcastic and everything. [Say OUCH ;X] Chinese next; excuse me, but was every teacher PMS-ing today? O___O Weird. Even Mrs Tee looked so unhappy when she was in 2G today. X___X Anyway, I'd like to say that lit rocks, even though it's tough and all hard work. But it's really nice ;3 And besides the HSM 'family' is there, and we sit in an air-conditioned room~~

Chinese test, no comments, just that I might fail the two sections in front. The last compre was good, surprisingly. Still think I might fail though @___@ Mr Lim came back for Maths again, and he was all quiet and commanding. Scaryyyy. And we still have a ton of maths homework ;[ I don't mind alpha and beta cause it's kinda fun, but the similarity and congruency, OMG, like RAHHHHR. -faints-

After school, English again. Chatted with Louiza, and she called me mature on her blog! [I AM MATURE, UNLIKE YOU, WAHAHHAHAHA] Well anyway it was good, and quite funny. She keeps calling Leonard, Lina. And he didn't call her Shorty O____O LEONARD IS SOOOOO BIASED I SWEAR !@#$%^&*()_#$%^&*(

Yueyoong came over, I saw her lil heart-shaped necklace! It was pretty, and Louiza said she got one too [yes, I'm announcing to the world xD ]!

Yueyoong decided to be really lame.
She hid something behind her back.
And asked if we wanted Milo.
Which Eng Kang gave her.

English, all doom and gloomgloomgloom again, I FAILED MY ENGLISH COMPRE, I got 10 out of 25, SO DISAPPOINTING. But my compo is the most disappointing of all @___@ So many English tests, out the window, I feel so unaccomplished. Valerie said something which made a lot of sense, something which went like:

Somehow, the "english-inclined" people are doing really badly this year.

I disagreed, and pointed out the Wei Sheng was still doing quite well.
She said Wei Sheng was a perv.
I agreed.

After school, the worst doom and gloom. Went to Macs with Valerie and stole her Twister fries. Sat and talked, for a pretty long time. About about of things, but now that I think about it, it kinda revolved around one topic only. Kind of an emo corner, and I somehow managed to finish my fries even though all I wanted to do was throw up. :X

Headed up to take the distant NEOPRINTS. Seriously, I haven't seen a neo machine for so long already. And what, is the whole world against me today? Even the neos were so strangely horrible today, and it was all... bland.

I'm home now, obviously. And I still haven't touched on my homework, tsktsk. There's a Biology test tomorrow, and I still haven't studied. Siiiigh. I hope I won't let Miss Pang down tmr. Can't afford anymore crap results, pfftt.

And I wonder why I'm so affected.

I want the Batam trip now.
See the full-stop? It's a sign of demand.
I'm strangely stupid today. Please ignore me.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

oh the -!

Seriously, I get to stay in bed for more than 10 hours, that is soo rare. On saturdays I have tabletennis sometimes, so I'd be up and stretching my lazy muscles instead of rolling around my bed. xD

For the whole of today, I had this really funny inside me; like I might melt with happiness. I'm soooooooo weird.

KUNGFU DUNK IS NICE! And I admit, Fang Shijie is cute! xD But Jay... remains to be as widely loved. ;P Anyone realised that when they did slam dunks the hoop doesn't normally bend down cause of their weight? I wonder how long they had to train to make it look as nice as possible ;]


Friday, February 8, 2008


NOTE TO LOUIZA, hahahaha! Sorry about my inability to reply to tags. Haven't exactly been doing that, I simply read my tags (trust me, I do. All the time) and smile like a maniacal idiot. :]

A big announcement,


Happy :]

Physics, Chem, Amaths & Emaths. WAHAHAHA. -points and laughs-
I'm left with the literature project only. I FEEL FREE!

Happy CNY to you all, though my mom left for taiwan again, and my sister and I are constantly stuck at home :[ Well, even if she were around it's not like we can go anywhere. BUT THE POINT is that the house is waaay too quiet and empty. And we have to wash our own dishes. -insert sad face-

Back to literature,
ANNE SEXTON IS SOOO DIFFICULT TO FATHOM. But her poems do make perfect sense. Alas; if only I was lit-inclined enough to take a deep breath and dive in to allah-knows-where.

And I know this is so terribly laggy, but it's about the CNY CELEBRATION in school.
Which, at some parts, was blergh. I do know the MT dept put a lotta effort, butbutBUT. I MEAN !@#$%^&*(). Seriously. Pfft, the entire essence of new year got wiped out can. It was sad, dreary, sad. And sad some more.
Well Cinyi, Tan Xinyi, Weiqi, Brenda and I plus a couple of boys known as Pigpig, Louiza's LURRRFE, Yang You and Waichong trooped over to Mos Burger to eat. Teriyaki Chicken was BLEEHHH. And I got mayonnaise all over :[ We met Jane, Sean, Billy and their gang there as well. HAHA, and we took Sean's fries when we got our own. :] Teased Cinyi for carrying Benji Lau's IPod Touch EVERYWHERE. No wonder got rumours la, that girl so shameless with the IPod LOL. And we ate, or in Joel and Waichongs' cases, shot ice. And we played TRUTH OR DARE. But it was boring so we all left Mos after that :]



So adorable :)
And I hurried home for dinner at an aunt's friends house. Okay, lol, I admit my english is dying. Stuffed all my hongbaos under my pillow :] Prosperity, wooo!

Yes so, I really have to hurry back to my literature project. I'm happier by the idea of designing the thing rather than the main point of DECIPHERING POEMS. Wahaha.

Spanish is sexy. And I wear the biggest smile. :]

[ ]

SURREAL. I know, so surreal. It's like slow, but sudden. And if you think about it, it's actually pretty impending. =)

Except maybe you'll think the plot is cliche, but looking at CJ7 is good enough to compensate for ANYTHING! xDD

My thoughts have been rather inconsistant lately, short sentences that barely end. But, ILL THINK MORE! =DD