Tuesday, February 26, 2008

complete crap

It was pretty darn bland today, and Mr Lim was being so cold, tsktsk. I wonder who made him so pissed off :[

Well I can't do emaths but amaths is just so fun.
Chem, I did good :] 22 and a half half, out of 25 ;]
Bio, SIGH. Seriously, I dread getting the paper back.

After school I had table tennis, and we finally had physical training aka RUNNING. And my running is sosososososooooo horrible, that I don't feel like blogging :[

Anyway, see, today was boring.
Except during lunch break Louiza and I were throwing a paper ball around and Yue Yoong was trying to whack it like a baseballer.

Unfortunately it likes me too much and keeps bouncing off my head when Yue Yoong's aiming gets too poor (which it is, all the time xD).

Nothing interesting, blablabla, hopefully tmr will be better. There's PE ;]
And I know what I waaaaaaant!

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