Friday, February 8, 2008


NOTE TO LOUIZA, hahahaha! Sorry about my inability to reply to tags. Haven't exactly been doing that, I simply read my tags (trust me, I do. All the time) and smile like a maniacal idiot. :]

A big announcement,


Happy :]

Physics, Chem, Amaths & Emaths. WAHAHAHA. -points and laughs-
I'm left with the literature project only. I FEEL FREE!

Happy CNY to you all, though my mom left for taiwan again, and my sister and I are constantly stuck at home :[ Well, even if she were around it's not like we can go anywhere. BUT THE POINT is that the house is waaay too quiet and empty. And we have to wash our own dishes. -insert sad face-

Back to literature,
ANNE SEXTON IS SOOO DIFFICULT TO FATHOM. But her poems do make perfect sense. Alas; if only I was lit-inclined enough to take a deep breath and dive in to allah-knows-where.

And I know this is so terribly laggy, but it's about the CNY CELEBRATION in school.
Which, at some parts, was blergh. I do know the MT dept put a lotta effort, butbutBUT. I MEAN !@#$%^&*(). Seriously. Pfft, the entire essence of new year got wiped out can. It was sad, dreary, sad. And sad some more.
Well Cinyi, Tan Xinyi, Weiqi, Brenda and I plus a couple of boys known as Pigpig, Louiza's LURRRFE, Yang You and Waichong trooped over to Mos Burger to eat. Teriyaki Chicken was BLEEHHH. And I got mayonnaise all over :[ We met Jane, Sean, Billy and their gang there as well. HAHA, and we took Sean's fries when we got our own. :] Teased Cinyi for carrying Benji Lau's IPod Touch EVERYWHERE. No wonder got rumours la, that girl so shameless with the IPod LOL. And we ate, or in Joel and Waichongs' cases, shot ice. And we played TRUTH OR DARE. But it was boring so we all left Mos after that :]



So adorable :)
And I hurried home for dinner at an aunt's friends house. Okay, lol, I admit my english is dying. Stuffed all my hongbaos under my pillow :] Prosperity, wooo!

Yes so, I really have to hurry back to my literature project. I'm happier by the idea of designing the thing rather than the main point of DECIPHERING POEMS. Wahaha.

Spanish is sexy. And I wear the biggest smile. :]

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