Tuesday, March 4, 2008

smiiiile! ;D

there's about a mil out there, so after you cry maybe you can see them better, yknow? ;]

Class was funny today, Ms Chui made us write a diary, and we had to pretend we're atoms. But at the "Name:________________" part (at the top of the foolscap paper) I left my name as "Atom", and forgot to change it back. She's gonna laugh at me I tell you.

Ms Pang is cute! She was drawing the graph, and then she forgot which number came next, so she put 6, then erased it, put 7, erased it, 8, and erased it again. Then she paused and put 7. And quickly wrote "6" over the number and muttered, "oh, i can't count" SO BLURRR, HAHAHAH.

Table tennis was neutral, woohoo. And thus, I brought my mundane being back home xD MSNed, my maths guru is sad. And I don't really know how to cheer her up :X

Very short day, nothing interesting.
Whee. Can't wait for Water Horse :3

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