Monday, April 14, 2008

For today, I......


Subway, mmmmm~ hahahhaha.
I failed Physics, unfortunately. I WILL STUDY HARDER!!! -motivated-
Today Chem was kinda boring. Went to the physics lab to have lessons, then blabalbal. Amaths. Did all my homework and managed to pass up on time =) Then, recess. Siansiansiansiannnnnnnn, though Weiting and Kat are still funny as ever. Rushed back up, Mr Lim was alr in class, don't even think he left it lor -___-
Chionged Emaths homework in class again but didn't finish, and had Chinese. Just passed the Chinese test (25/50) but got 30/50 and 16/20 for the two other compositions! YAY! HAHAHA. Val and Vii didn't come D: Vii was sick, and I thought Val was okay last night but apparently she was down with a flu too (plus an ulcer on her tongue xD). Yup. Nothing interesting. Stayed in class during lunch break to finish up my graph.

Why is my life so mundane, HUH???

LOLLOL. But anyway, za and I drew this SUPER SUTE CHIBI drawing of Evelyn, her and I, and our respective moods during class xD LOL. I was The Stoned. Za was The Sleepily Hyperactive and of course, Evelyn as the "I Don't Wanna Care"! HAHAHHAHA. And everyone thought our doodle was cute! YAYYY!

Had physics. Ms Tay was late, and thus Lisin, Devy, Kaiching, Yunxuan & co had to 'take care' of the class. Poor them, they were so stressed la, our class so talkative whenever an aircon is within the vincinity =\ So weird. Yup, she came anyway, and we had pur PHYSICS TESTS PAPER BACK. Failed, lol. So disappointed. And I know so little about Physics. As in, really. Cause I don't pay attention to her, her lessons aren't interesting. Thus, sigh, my results. HAHA, work hard work hard!! =D

Tried to camwhore with Za, and Kailing thinks we are complete bonkers alr can xD

The boys were playing soccer, and Mr Waichong has a bad injury alr, still want to play D: Somemore it was RAINING. So I went to Tiong with Lava, Syuhaidah (omg, i think i spelt it wrong), Sara, Seety and Za xD LOL, the first four went off, and Zaza WAS SOSOSOSOSO NICE and went to eat with me at Subway, even though she said she didn't want to eat -D

THANK YOU ZAZA! -huggles-

Chatted, chatted, ate, tried to take as many unglams of each other as possible (your phone's camera is soooo laggy, HAH!), camwhored somemore.... LOL. And her friends came! I know one is called Gen, but I don't know about the boy. LOL, he's very funny xDD I thought he was a bit like Mr Sandhu at first (OMG!) but then later realised that actually he's more like Timothy (the one from Drama Club)in debating-mode. HAHAH.

Anyway, they left, and I did my work =) [I am soooo pro can.]
Their soccer match ended, and Waichong looked drenched! (like that chinese phrase, about the chicken soup, HAHAHAHAHAHA. Omg, I'm high from blogging. -stabs self- ) Icky wound D: And he doesn't want to wrap it. OHWELL. xD

AND SO. So I got home! YAYYY.
And I haven't done homework! YAYYYY.
And I have a Bio test on wednesday!! YAYYYYY!!

Okay I have to go now.


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