Saturday, April 12, 2008


Feel like attitude-ing everyone can.

I'm too tired to blog about everything, but I do think that Kaleidoscope in 2006 was much better :\ I don't know, maybe it's their selection of songs and stuff, but oh well. It was still nice. Valerie shakes waaaaaaay too much on stage. Like, the entire choir is standing still, or say, swaying a little. And she's like, wooah, rocking left and right. Can see from my high high high seating place somemore. Haha, Vanessa's white shirt is sooo see-through. Naughty Vanessa xD Brenda is ASUHFUIASFHG PRETTY and OMAODIHGFDUG TALL. Weiqi is super pretty toooooo! Didn't get to see much of Lyn, just that she's gotten a lot taller xDDDDD HAHA. Fitri was upset cause she said she got ther timing wrong or something, then exited the stage at the wrong time (although I don't think anyone realised) I LIKE THEIR COSTUME! IT'S VERY NICE! Purple with high collars, arm bands and GLITTLER MASKS! Ahhhhhhhh. Ridzwana (ahhh damn, i think i spelt it wrong again) is vey brave! Wooo, go you ! xDD

Okay, then we went to eat.
Waichong, Jiansheng, Tan Xinyi, Jia Sheng, Troy, Haoran and Libin. Gaspshockomg right. LOL, Libin, never even talked to him for more than 5 minutes before. Yup.

Okay actually I dunno why I'm posting this since it's so short and totally not important. I'm feeling kind of ___ right now. So, maybe will add on next time. Haha,

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