Friday, April 18, 2008


I'm bored.

And I'm kind of afraid of tomorrow. :\ I need Weiting's help, I don't know how to go about doing my literature scripts. I'm so nervous. This is so last minute.


As for today....
It was a very neutral day again.
HAHA, grats Valerie & Lyn, for getting 13.50 somethings each for NAPFA 2.4 run!=D You guys worked hard. JAC MY DARLING DAUGHTERRRRR! HAHAHA, that tag made me happy. I want to spread a blanket around you again =) DAUGHTERDAUGHTER! Grats on your 13.27s! Peishannnn! EEEE BIAS. LOLLOL. You did good Jaccy Wacky! =D
And I will train harder! Happy that I improved (14.42 to 14.01), will keep improving =)

Hmm. All the lessons were so BORING, and yeah. Louiza was down? Yes, she was. So silent, a bit sad. Kind of misunderstood her scribblings :X Wore Evelyn's skirt during PE, it is SOOOO short xD HAHA, then we went down down, NAPFA. Ran, slacked, sat by the staircase and it was so hot, and so empty. Cheered Weiting on, but I think I failed miserably. Strained my right shin muscle, got cramp and sat and slacked some more. Went up for amaths, and I could understand the lesson! -is happy-

Mid years coming le. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! =D

Went to Harbourfront with Waichong. Very mutated and severely twisted form of hide-and-seek. HAHAHAHA. Poor Waiwai, I didn't mean to bully you =P

HEAPS OF THANK YOUS AND LOVE TO WEITING, thank you so much for willingly putting in so much effort, time and patience. Break a leg for tomorrow! =) [you too, benjie]

THANK YOU TO LUKE TOO! Thanks for the hard work. And you also have to pronounce "their" properly, OKAY!!

Yup. That's all =)
I have to go do up a wonderful, completely mind-blowing script which will knock those RGS and SNG people off their socks =D

Te quiero to you =D

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