Sunday, April 6, 2008

Today's weather is...

As promised, I SHALL BLOG ABOUT JAMIN! But I still like querido more xD

So if you don't like Jamin Au, you shouldn't read this post. BUT WHO DOESN'T LIKE JAMIN? Okay, so maybe I can name a few...

Jamin Au's real name is 'Benjamin Lau Chang Xun', a name which our Chinese teacher, Ms Foong, cannot remember. Along with Chang Xun, she also cannot remember 'Mok Shao Hui' (Darryl), but he is not our primary topic for today, so we shall not go into him. He isn't very interesting anyway. Neither is Jamin.LALA. Ms Foong also tenderly addresses him as "Liu Bei's Descendant", for reasons lost upon me (I don't pay attention to Ms Foong xD)

Jamin Au's name shall be forever written down as the sole inventor and creator of the snare guitar, it's existance of which I know not (he hasn't shown it to me yet). He is born on the 10th of July, which I had conveniently forgotten last Friday and got glared at for it. He is a Cancer (like me!) and frequently likes to scare Vanessa. For she is very niang, therefore very easy to scare. Seriously, what is with her niangness? Is she from 10 000 BC? Where all the girls are niang otherwise they are barbarians?? My god, then I'd be barbaric. I have to put up a documentary of me someday, I'm so interesting. And yes, I'm making this cancelled part very long on purpose so that you will pay attention to it. What are you doing, reading 'cancelled' parts anyway? They are CANCELLED, therefore NOT NEEDED. Cancelled = Not Needed. Hey, maybe I should do something like


If you get my point. If you don't then you're probably very weird.

He likes this shade but his favourite word happens to be this color. Which is crimson, by the way. Not red. He may be very parasitic, so one has to be very careful around him. Otherwise he'll poke your butt like what he did to Arjun.

Okay I just realized I'm kinda bored doing this. Mehhh. Benjamin, your life story is boring when it's blogged. You should do something about it. Like kiss Pei Shan, then maybe it'll be interesting. But if you do, I think you'll get your guts gorged out. She's got lots of suitors I heard. Lots. Lol, I think Pei Shan's more interesting. Maybe I should do a documentary about her instead...
I HAVE HER P6 GUAI KIA PHOTO!!!! Omg, stay away from me, Peishan. I'm allergic to knives. Anyway, about 60% of this Jamin Composition is not about Jamin. Aiyo, poor you.

Okay. There's a Summary test tomorrow, make sure you come on time. Anyway I've finished my homework. I am sooo proud. Okay, actually no I haven't, I'm kinda left with my Chinese Workbook. But rarrrrh.


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