Sunday, April 13, 2008


Man, reading your blog almost made me cry

Anyway, so sorry I haven't updated your link D: But to anyone who wants to go there, here's the new&improved KAIWEN'S BLOG! LOL.

Saw you during Rhapsody 2008! And I quote Tan Xinyi,
"I saw kaiwen~ she look so pretty now la"

Agreeagree, nodnod. But I didn't get to talk to you for every long, cause was rushing to see Brenda, Weiqi and Lyn after Band's performance. Mannnn, if you were still in GESS, I wonder if you'd be in triple science. I think you would, lol. Then my class would have one more intellectual being! LOLLOL, im kidding, just that 3g might feel a bit more homey, since there's another 2g-hardcore-fan in it. (NOT TO MENTION PMOAD FAN! WOOHOO. HAHA, thanks for making that funny banner for us =D Although it was quote long ago... xD HAHA) And rarrh, you rebonded your hair 2 days after Rhapsody! I mean, we could have commented further on it if you had it done earlier! And we could have made you spin rounds and rounds and rounds so that we can see "the new hairstyle" over and over again ! xD -unintelligent laughter-

Yup. I think most of us are looking forward to the chalet! And remember the sleeping-at-bus-stop suggestion kay! CAUSE IT JUST MIGHT HAPPEN xDD

Imagine how fun that would be =D

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