Sunday, July 27, 2008

cross country? wasn't it like.. 10 years ago?


Painful like hell. My two front teeth are screaming in agony ok. POOR TEETH D: D: D:

ANYWAY, I have to really INFORM YOU ALL, that
a) No, I'm not angry with the Exotic One, I never was ;P
b) I think Lyn is a great runner, and I completely do not regret losing to her! =D
c) While I'm not angry with Emilyn, I cannot deny I don't exactly accept her xD
d) I'm not angry with Valerie either^^ Although I do regret losing to this one!xP
e) My friends are waaay more important to me than this one silly cross country ok!!

Besides, wasn't it a century ago?
PASSE!! Look forward to the next cross country ok, mwahahaha!

Thank you people for tagging, EVEN KAIWEN! Haven't spoken to you for so long le!

Now, I revise Chem and Amaths. KNN AMTHS TEST TOMORROWWWWWWWW~

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