Monday, July 14, 2008

(Happy Birthday) Cheryl!


( ..)

That's a rabbit fyi.

I'm awesome! Like what I normally tell valerie and hyukkee.

YESTERDAYY aka my birthday,
my sister bought me this GODAWESOME anklet. SERIOUSLY I WAS DROOLING, like omg! *dreamy moment* And there was these two uber cutey hairbands! LIKE AWWW. During that time Jared was calling me like crazy cause he was all aloney somewhere at Vivo, and (I think) he couldn't find Jian Sheng, Xinyi and Cinyi. So it was up to awesome Cheryl to call them and make Jared go! Dunno why he's so shy. JARED WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM HUH.

My programme ICs (aka Valerie and Wei Ting) WERE NOWHERE TO BE FOUND. SO SAD! And we we re like little lost lambs, waiting for instructions. BUT it's all blown over lalalalala. RIGHT, anyway I MADE CINYI GO TO THE DIVA SALE WITH ME. Diva! SQUEEEE! So, she bought this friendship bracelet thing for both of us! It's silver, with a blue crown. And I finally got the nacklace I've been pining for since, since like 9, 728,345,219,714 YEARS AGO!! Big red heart on big black chain. *DROOL DROOL*

After some short discussions involving haoranandhispolicestationthing, my height, volleyball, my presents, whatever the heck Xinyi and Jian Sheng bought which kept making them giggle everytime we talked about it (I still don't know what it is :\), 2G07, cross country, Sentosa, movies, money, OBS, my height, assessories, my height, THE PROGRAMME ICs FINALLY ARRIVEDDDDDDD!!!! Vii and I weren't particularly happy, but they did look sad and everything SO WE WERE ALL HAPPY AGAIN! (especially since I saw seventy odd bucks sitting in an envelope which was just screaming to be in my small hands)

Happily, eleven of us trooped over to The Asian Kitchen! Hyukkee wanted to sit with Valerie, and Vii came up and went "EH EH EH FOUR MUSKETEERS HOW?!?" So, Hyukkee sulkily left to join the BITs (that is, Boyfriends-In-Tow) OMG IM KIDDING!! WHY AM I SO WITTY WITHOUT EVEN KNOWING IT MYSELF? xD xD xD xD xD!!

Okay, lunch was great! Lovelovelove food, especially noodles, especially when I'm hungry^^ I think the boys went to get ice cream so I dragged ALLL the girls with me to go on this massive shoehunt! PUMPS!

Yeh, I think the pink ones on the right are godawesome.

ANYWAY, couldn't find any worth my seventy bucks :\
So I wanted to look for a pleated miniskirt! Which apparently didn't like me that day :\ So, no skirts as well. Well at least I'm seventy bucks richer:D

Wei Ting went off at this point D: One less musketeer.. BUT WE DID TAKE A GROUP PHOTO! Wish she could have stayed longer though..

At this sad time, the BITs and SAAs (Single-And-Avaliables, aka Zhuyun and Jared) were at the arcade. You know, the place where they eat all your money for cheap thrills EH IM KIDDING!

ANYWAY ON THE THIRD FLOOR, there's this FREAKKING BRILLIANT STALL CALLED Balloon Bloomers or something. THEY MADE ME A LADYBUG BALLOON THING and there was a loop underneath it so that I could put my hand in! ITS SERIOUSLY THE MOST AWESOMEEEEEEEEEE THING EVERRRRRR! (xiao ke ai is more awesome) Damn cute! Valerie got a butterfly cause Hyukkee loves butterflies (omg, I'm sorry I made this sound so gay) and Vanessa went to get a Mickey Mouse on her head! But Vii looked silly, and she got teased too much, so she took it off in a huff LOL

We went to the automated machine to get our tickets for the monorail thing to Sentosa, and Waichong that smart guy went to force feed the machine! Then it jam, lag, cancelled the transaction and POOF 26 bucks gone!
Yeh, ran to the counter to get our tickets etcetc, and we finally reached Sentosa!

At first we tried volleyball, but we sucked like crazy so we moved on to captain's ball! Jared, Zhu Yun, Hyuk Kee, Cinyi and Me on one team against Vanessa, Valerie, Xinyi, Wai Chong, Jian Sheng. And we won them like crazy! Cinyi is good at being the captain! Hahaa, and since I go pick those three guys, I seriously didn't do anything, just sit and watch my team win xD

After that everyone like tired le, Wai Chong, Jared and Zhu Yun went to get drinks from 7eleven, and then we wanted to slack at first, in the end we played monkey, volleball style! Cinyi and Xinyi got a lot of sisterhood!xD I went to unwrap my present (XIAO KE AIIII AHH) then went closer to the sea, with Cinyi and my Xiao Ke Ai(cause the place we were playing was a bit far from the sea). Talking talking talking non stop, talk super long, then Jared Wai Chong and Zhu Yun came over to disturb people (how come the three of them always together de). Tried to climb on the rocks, then Zhu Yun don't like the ants! HAHAHA his niang moment, damn funny!

Zhu Yun: EHH! Got ants walao, DAMN BIG! Don't climb leh, got ants!!"

Too close to Vanessa le I tell you.

The sand at the water's edge was like powder. Awesome^^

Talked to Cinyi again. Super long. It felt great, bonding!!=D
The three boys went back up to play again, so left the two of us at the edge! Got a lot of wind, and it was turning darker and darker (awww so romantic!)

Finally went back up to play with the rest, and even Zhu Yun said she looked a lot happier^^ YAY! Mission accomplished. Played around some more, and we all decided to leave.

Monorail was goddamn jammed!! So we took bus out of Sentosa. Valerie and Hyuk Kee were like spying on Wai Chong and I. DON'T THINK I DIDN'T REALISE!!! At the bus stop there, we decided to cut cake at Vivo!^^ Somewhere near the sea or something. LITTLE DID I KNOW THEY WERE PLANNING ALREADY. SO SCHEMING!!!!!

Eager Hyuk Kee mentioned that dare again. Pervert lor, and Val is a girl-pervert, she admitted also!! In the end from Valerie and my dare, mutate and turned into all three couple's dares. Omg why can't I type it out huh.


Anyway, I do think it was a super super super duper awesome birthday (stop thinking about it Valerie!) and thank you to hyukkee zhuyun jared jiansheng xinyi cinyi and most importantly: valerie, vanessa, weiting and waichong!! Yes, waichong's in the 'most importantly' group, cannot ah hyukkee? Just cause you baked a cake with val's help.. nyeh.

So, in conclusion:


Thankyou Val and Hyukkee, for the super sweet and super nice cake^^
Thankyou Yan Li, for the bracelet which has my name spelt wrongly! xD
Thankyou Zhuyun, Hyukkee, Weiting, Valerie and those who contributed to make me 70 bucks richer =D
Thankyou Cinyi, for those awesome assessories, I LOVE THEM!
Thankyou my sister, for the anklet + hairband + hairband again
Thankyou Balloon Bloomers guy, for being so nice when I was so nosey and the Balloon Bloomers lady, who made me my ladybug!!
Thankyou Waichong, you're damn cute and xiao ke ai rocks xDD!!
Thankyou Benjie, Mike and Kat, I can't say I love the song, but I love your effort!^^
Thankyou all of you awesome people who wished me happybirthday!!
Thankyou handphone, simply because you're pretty and you let me text people.
Thankyou Disney, for coming up with Winnie the Pooh, which led to Baby Pooh.
Thankyou myself, cause I say so xD
Thankyou Juno, for being pregnant, in reference to my literature video.
Thankyou RHCP, where would Kat be without you?!

Okay I'm done.
Ohmahgawd I still haven't done Mr Lim's maths homework.

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