Friday, July 18, 2008

Rude people on bus = EXTERMINATE!!

Today, I have the unfortunate pleasure of meeting not ONE but TWO crazily rude people on my way home. Seriously, rude people on buses do NOT simply mean people who a) blast music from their annoying not to mention ugly handphones nor b) people who stand in front of the MRT doors and blantly REFUSE to allow to alight. Ohnoooooo. Not at all!

But anyway, I've only got one guy up, 'cause I'm still pissed off with him after SOOO LONG.

ANNOYING NOT!! Stupid hand on the stupid buzzer! And I can't even say "excuse me" cause his bloody LOUD conversation is too important to allow a little schoolgirl to alight the bus!!


School was boring. And I kept chanting TGIF TGIF TGIF all the way throughout! THANK GOD ITS FRIDAY! English was the same, during Lit I finished work early so I went off to read with Valerie. There's this awesome book called "Don't Read This Book!" Super hilarious!! Need to read it again, it's so informal. Can't believe the school actually allows it :X (well Ms Chui is in charge of the library after all...) Speaking of which, we wrote our farewell card to Ms Chui today! Some people wrote super long. And Sultan finally admitted to being Ms Chui's husband in 3G! SO FUNNY. MS CHUI WE'LL MISS YOU HEAPS :D

After school, had Emaths. Mr Lim was angry again, I really think our class can never satisfy him :( Anyway had Physics SPA after Emaths. Mr Lim (okay, the other Mr Lim) was sooo naggy again, and he was saying he didn't want to spoonfeed us, then proceeded to do the entire experiment for us^^ Awesome. Anyway he was tollerable today, and very nice(: STUPID ACID TOOK SOOOOOO LONG TO COOL TO 48 DEGREES!!

But yes I managed. And the graph I drew was great! YAYYY! Went to see the stuff at Backpacker's Alley (thank you yueyoong!^^) and went home. SOOO BORED. Tmr got a lot of shopping to do!:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

I need to sleepppppp.

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