Friday, August 15, 2008

cheryl is sad cause no one likes her anymore

D: D: D: D:


Today passed by super quickly.

Strangely, I wasn't looking forward to Literature lesson (although admitedly I do enjoy it) . Mr Sandhu is funny. Can't believe he's gonna be the NPCC main teacher-guy-thing. Mr Benedict Tan is leaving at the end of this year :(


All our Chem teachers are leaving D:

"Change Is The Only Constant"


Had training after school. Training with Charis. She was soooo edgy today! Keep asking if she can 'la qiu' and then keep sighing when she smack out. ENTERTAINING!! First time I've seen Charis so worked up xD

Went to Tiong with Cindy and Charis. Ate, drank, walked, complained, talked etcetc. Cindy was chirpy while Charis was gloomy (she didn't bring enough money to fill her grumbling tummy and refuses to borrow xD)

I deem today Charis-Day, cause she was super amusing xDDD


I forgot to bring Boing to school today :(
are you reading this? COOL. Are you highlighting?
So sad. Bostafu had no freaky friend to play with :(
i think my mom is a very unreasonable person. poor dad D:

Today Cinyi cried in school :(
id never dare do that
But she didn't tell me what happened!! How evil. Tan Xinyi and Weiqi weren't exactly sure either, but they were trying to cheer Cinyi up (and kick Joel while they are at it)
i would want to cry in school..
But she became happier after a while :) I like smiley faces :D
i like them so much.

Was feeling a bit floaty today. Even stopped training today so that I could wander my time away.
cause cheryl is sad that no one likes her anymore.

How long more I wonder.
cause id want to die.

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