Monday, August 18, 2008

:D :D :D :D :D :D

82.5 upon 100 for the total (79 and 86 are my raw scores)!



School was so mundane, so terribly strangling and suffocating. PE was ok, I'm super irritable. Vanessa is actually good at badminton, just that I don't suppose she tries hard enough most of the time.

46/65 for Physics! Even happier. That's an A2, but I'm happy.

Now, both Physics SPA and Chem SPA are on Thursday! It shall officially be known as doomsday. So nervous, since its gonna be included in O's. Kat is so placid about this. I wish I could slap her now :D

Been trying not to sleep in class. Bloody boring, stifling class. I closed my eyes and scribbled the lyrics for Hung Up while Mr Lim droned on about lens on the focal length principal axis. Anybody know what a focal length is? Totally forgot.

Ms Ma and Mr Lim are the Twin Towers of Gan Eng Seng School! If they fall, GESS falls, thats what Mr Tan said today. His lesson was boring too, and I wanted to slam my wad of notes down and go "DAMN CHEM!!!" but of course I didn't. I'm civilized :D Except maybe when he threw water onto the class.. yeah, wasn't really sleeping. Was a bit worried, since I'm sitting in front.

Li Sin had crumpled and killed her Geog and Physics Textbooks!!

This is indeed a very strange day.

I feel floaty again.
Damn you phone. You're giving me so much headache.

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