Sunday, August 10, 2008

smiles politely

I CUT LOUIZA'S FRINGE ON THE EVE OF NATIONAL DAY EVE! (For the record, it's 7th of August)

Awesome. I'm happy that it's growing on her^^

Inspired by the prettiness of my success, I went to try my own fringe.

Managed to thicken my fringe and make it neater, BUT WHY SO SHORT!!?!

National Day Eve, school celebration. Autodrive was too soft :( Most of the people said we were good, but WAAAY too soft. Even Jeremy that AVA guy told me today that we were soft. His feedback went something like, drummer too soft ( D: ), guitar too soft (I KNEW IT!!), bassist too act ( :X ), singer was good ( :D ) but words too complicated ( D: ). But many people said we were the best anyway :D HEHE.

After that, went to hunt for lunch. Long long story where Waichong would rather go play Lan with Jared and co. ( D: ) BUT ANYWAY, dragged him by the leg to KFC! With Cinyi, Joel and Jiansheng. Poor Jiansheng; Tan Xinyi was assigned to area cleaning. Long dramatic lunch followed! Cinyi and I fell asleep :X

Had our inter-team table tennis competition.
Team A: Cindy, Jacquelyn, Cinyi, Cheryl, Mavis, Jing Hui, Wynette
Team B: Pei Shan, Charis, Sinvyest, Alyssa, Yun Jie, Si Xian, Jia Yi

First game, Team B won, second game Team A won. Final game we drawed! Cindy and I doubled for the second game! I think we were good! :D :D :D Maybe not very used to doubling together, but got the spirit! HAHAH! YAY CINDY!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D
Last game, didn't play very well. But I think Alyssa improved A LOT!! Very very proud of her!^^

After that, rushed to GWC to find Valerie, Vanessa and Wei Ting. Got a bit high :X But Ting And Vii gtg D: D: so left Val and I, lone wanderers in this, vast, cold world... *cue oppression*

We went into molecule! Crazy place, especially when Valerie, in all her stubborn decision to plant her spectacles in her bag, said "I LIKE THIS PLATE!" and picked up an intricate, yet menacing-looking ashtray.

Went home (it was late, and I had a 7PM show to catch! :D). Slacked and watched the awesome Beijing Opening Ceremony for the Olympics! For a non-China-go-go-er, I must admit it was spectacular! Super awesome. (Thus the next day, when I watched Singapore's Birthday Celebration, it wasn't much :X)

I shall skip National Day, cause I was in the house all day long, watching Transformers Animated in the morning (OMG) the Olympics in the afternoon, and the Parade at night. Fell asleep on the couch, woke up at 2355 with six, evil-looking mosquito bites on my left leg. D: D: D: D:

TODAY WAS HILLARY GATHERING 2! Two Chengho-ians came along, Shi Yuan and Jeremy, the AVA guy. Quite boring, went to Sentosa to play volleyball but I was really out of it. Starting raining like crap, ran for shelter. Jeremy also suffered a bad contusion and a tear in his big toe (which was bleeding fyi) cause he tried to kick the volleyball. Tsktsk.

Had lunch at Pastamania, slacked, walked, went to Sky Garden to take a group photo (why Sky Garden is beyond me). The others tried to play volleyball in the water until this skinny, but big shot security guard came to stop them.
Took the photo and I left for home, cause I was sleepy. AND HERE I AM! Blogging!

My sister just got this fresh new stack of songs in her lappie.


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