Friday, September 26, 2008

big fluffy wings

Poor PC, went back to servicing D:
I'm a bad, bad owner. *does reflection in a corner*
But yah, I'm prolly gonna abuse it again when it comes back to me xD xD xD

Humongous rain today. I'm soooo happy I was driven to school! Was almost completely dry, only got a lil wet when I got out of the car. But our classroom became a laundry shop. And there were umbrellas on sale too!! Aefy's shoes were hung on the window. Ms Tan looked like she could grab his socks (hanging limp and digusting on the Teacher's Table) and smack him across the face with them when she came in during SS.

SHOCKING NEWS TODAY CAN. Mommy never even hint/foreshadow!!! Daddy Lyn was upset she (he?) is not Number One in Mommy Lisin's heart anymore. HAHAHHA. But yeah, we also know Mommy still struggling. JIAYOU LISIN^^ 要努力地忘掉以前的事!! Daughter's Approval Stamp is ready le, and I think he's nice^^ (read: Daughter almost approve le;P I think he's good for you HEHE) AHHAHA, and damn funny can, when Lyn, Val and I were stalking you and KT today, and he kept turning around uneasily to see us peeking at you guys from behind a pillar xD xD Couple-stalkerism is quite FUN!! So sweet! AHHHHH! Reduced Lyn, Val and I to three giggling idiots!

Cinyi has her own demons to conquer huh.. 你也要加油!! 如果遇到困难,要记得跟你的朋友说哦! 要坚强,坚强!!! :D :D :D :D

Mmmm, I'm quite sad my seniors are leaving le.. IM OLD!! No more Wacky Kai Hwee, no more Crazy Mei Xian, no more LITTLE Si Min, no more CHIO Jye Huey (omg I'm just being lame here), no more PRO YOYO, no more refined Pan Hua, no more INSANE Miao Ting! T__________T

Although, Grad Day was a tad boring. Benjamin took half an hour to find a blazer his siz, HAHA. The video dedications were nice though! I wonder if our class can come up with anything like that next year =\

Had Maths after that. Mr Lim was being quirky and funny again! Chatted with Brenda, kidnapped Chub when Li Sin wasn't looking xD Had unhealthy dosage of Coke!! Brenda said teeth could turn black! (Kat: 那个,那个,那个!)

(Real) Mom went back to Taiwan today. A few more days and I have to board a plane le T_T damnnn. Airplanes are not my thing. HHAHAHA my poor sister is gonna be ALONE for five days cause my little aunt and dad are flying back too. My older aunt was told to look after her.

Aunt: YESSS!! Finally!! A toy to play with!!

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