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it was gettin' late...

10 to 13 Nov 2008, the 2G07 Chalet of 2008! :D
We didn't get a chalet as big as last year's. Instead of 4 rooms, it was 2 rooms. But ahhh, thank you Cinyi ;) I know it was crazy and tiring for you, so thank you a lot a lot a lot a lot! ^^

I can't really a detailed post, cause I'm a bit tired. This new blogskin screwed up on me, and my eyes are hurting a bit now. HEHEHE. Nope, this isn't an excuse for laziness.


67 in total, I counted^^ For a more detailed and wordy description of the chalet, visit Cinyi's blog! CLICKY!


FIRST DAY!! 10 Nov!

Check in turned out to be quite nightmarish. Apparently only 18 years old and above can check in, so we were delayed for an hour T-T

Cinyi calling her parents. She was super upset D: D: D:

It was a small chalet, but (I hope) everyone was okay with it :D So Cinyi don't be depressed too much! :D :D JIAYOU, I want another chalet! HAHA.

The day passed real slowly. At night, I sat in the Kitchen with Val, Ting and HK cause the other places in the chalet were all taken up!! (yup, that small)

CAMWHORING. Seriously? We were bored ;b

Even Benjamin joined in the camwhoring!!! He was doing the 1 to 10 series camwhore.




FOUR! AKA the WEIQI POSE! (act macho!)






TEN!! The double-weiqi-pose! Which, mathematically, should be eight, BUT WHO CARES.


The bunk bed room, from the top bunk. I made ZY give me his bed, haha. Sorry ZY! :X He had to sleep on the floor..


Val, KO-ed.

This was the first night. The boys were playing some crazy, night-version of hide and seek! It didn't look very fun to me, but they were laughing really hard lol. Very kid-like! Val and I were cracking up at their lameness xD


My house of cards! The next day, 11 nov, Jac, Cinyi and I had to go back to school for training. I woke up at 7am, and Cinyi told me to wake Jac at 9am, so I spent two hours trying to build a three storey card house. But that picture was the tallest I got T-T sobsob.

We got a cab to get to school. Jac paid the full 25 bucks!! Training was fun, I got really high! Cinyi let Cindy, Charis and I smack balls when we were having break. And the ACJC table tennis team came down to spar with us!! Courtesy of Beng Hong^^ I told Cindy I was happy because "my seniors" came, but she thought I was referring to Mei Xian, Kai Hwee & them, so she didn't get it ._.

When we got back, I bathed really quickly with Val. We wanted to ride bikes, so Cinyi and Joel were supposed to take a double bike cause he didn't know how to ride one. But it didn't work out, so Cinyi traded places with Jared, and they were upset that they looked gay. xD Went for lunch and biked some more at downtown before we rushed back for the BBQ. Which was quite boring in my opinion, but I got lots of stingray!! Thank you val :3 HAPPY.

That night wasn't really good, and I slept early. Val and I had this crazy Sparkling Ribena session and we both got knocked out - as if it was alcohol! xD


Wednesday morning! Dragged Joel and Cinyi out to teach Joel how to ride a bike! Haoran was at the beach, trying to get a glimpse of this model who was having a photoshoot for a bikini. PERV! But anyway, JOEL FINALLY RODE A BIKE!!!!!!!!!

Cinyi, Joel and I went to ride. Leonard met us someway up front, and I made Joel promise that he would have to do push ups if he rode behind me. One metre one push up!

Joel riding a bike!! Super proud of him, cause he took a really short time to learn!^^

Cinyi and I had a cheer for him when he finally learnt on the 3rd morning of the Chalet (that would be the 12th of Nov). YAY.

Joel owed me 33 push ups because he fell behind me. Yes, it was my way of encouraging the poor boy xD

We went to the playroom after bike riding. It was empty, and cold, and fun! Cinyi has nice pictures, I only have a few.

Only Cinyi, Joel and I. Leonard, who cycled with us, didn't come.

A bit not nice. But who cares :D :D

We saw waichong, jiansheng and tanxinyi walking around outside while I was trying to take a picture of Cinyi and her heart (made of red plastic balls!) Js and txy came in after a while, and there was a major ball-throwing fight!


We went back to the Chalet soon, cause Joel had to go back to school for some meeting. While he was bathing and while Cinyi went to change so we could waddle in the pool, I was paparazzi-ing! :D :D :D

It was crazy fun in the pool!! I made Cinyi addicted to Nobody! Vii, be proud of me! Your WONDERGIRLISM is spreading! (Srsly, even Jac couldn't get it out of her head)


While we were in the pool, Cinyi was helping me sort my brain out. THANK YOU^^ Lifesaver Cinyi! Love you to bits and pieces!

Cheryl: Act sexy!
Cinyi: HOW?
Cheryl: Dunno! Anyhow pose!
Cinyi: OK!


We bathed soon too, because it started to rain. That's my awesome Cinyi and funny Hawaii-looking thingys!

We went to the breakwater to talk talk. Super nice wind!! My hair = crazy.

Later that night (still 12 nov), we went to E!Hub with the intention to watch a movie. HSM3 was at 1140PM, so in the end we went to the arcade to kill time. UFO Catcher was annoying and so I took neos with Joel and Cinyi! When we came out, the others were paying basketball. LUKE WAS INSANE. He sat on the ledge and stuck his leg out and was tossing like madness!

But Hyuk Kee and Val won him in the end ;b

Later, we all played table hockey. HIGH! Super high! The boys were super rough and everything, keep whacking the puck out! Really very high, we keep screaming and clapping and laughing!

Anyway we went to watch HSM3. I think the dances are better than ever, but the plot is a little weak... =|
(Joel: WHAT!?!!)

It was really late. 3AM? Despite the iron-will to stay awake, we all passed out anyway. Sparkling Ribena didn't help this time D:


Paparazzi-ed in the morning. They were being very gross. Joel did 25 push-ups, but he made the rest up by being brave and venturing into the god forsaken, and smelly kitchen to get some breakfast for us. LOL.
Joel: *suddenly* WISH ME LUCK GUYS!
Cinyi&Cher: Huh?
Joel: *takes deep breath* I'M GOIN' IN! *opens kitchen door, slips in and slams it shut*
Cinyi: EH WAIT. OMG!

-approximately 1 minute later-

Joel: *with arms full of bread and jam and a butter knife* AHHHHH!!!!! THE MAGGIMEE WATER IS GREEN!!!!!

Tried to wake the whole Chalet up, almost suceeded but failed anyway. Four boys went out to buy lunch for all of us, while five more boys fell asleep again =| Cinyi, Val and I were the only girls left! SAD. Val was spazzing out cause she couldn't get back in time for her Choir, I was spazzing out cause of something completely different while Cinyi was being... mopey. I think she was sad that the kitchen smelt like rotten eggs.

See my sad face in the picture!!! I told them to look sad, but Cinyi was like :D!

HEHE. Anyway, I went to swim again, but this time with Val. Was a bit happy, a bit crazy, a bit high, a bit sad, and etc! Soon, mostly everyone left. I got really sad D: Went to a breakwater on my own while the others stayed to pack. It was nice, calming and everything. There was a breeze cause of the rain, but it was bright out. Saw Val's self-proclaimed 'racing ship'. Yes Val, it was still in the lead! HAHA.

Went back too, then packed. Chalet was like urgh, nose-wrinkling!!! The lady who checked was SUPER FUNNY!
*opens kitchen door*
Chalet Lady: .......shit.


Shopped around at White Sands with Cinyi. We both got 3 pairs of earrings! HEHE. Talktalktalk... She makes me feel better!^^ YAY CINYI!! Thank you, and don't be upset about the chalet anymore ok? 520!!^^ Hahaha. And yup, THE END.

Tag people! I know my blogskin is lovely B)

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