Monday, November 17, 2008

some kind of magic (hypnotic, hypnotic)

Twilight's soundtrack isn't as kickass as I would have liked it to be :|
BAH. And I'm just killing myself, trying to stop myself from playing Bella's lullaby!! GAHGAHGAH.


I'm going out with my tt girls later, yayyyyy. There was zero resistance, thankfully :D :D :D :D :D OMG YAY I GET TO LAUGH AT CINYI'S HAIR BEFORE ANY OF YOU!

On a side note:
Val, you expect too much xD
You don't even update your own blog!! But: HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! Aha. Please drop me of all charges ^^

PS: I just went to check. Bella's official lullaby sounds weird! River Flows In You is so so so so much better! (Srsly, the other fanpires prefered the latter) :D Ok, I'm just time-wasting again.

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