Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mister hour-hand, do a couple of backflips please


Yenyi:OOO, I'd forgotten to link you again >_> BWAHAHA. I know your address. I'm going to stalk your blog!!!1!!111! See you later at the bbq. You are coming right? @_@ And what d'you mean, two years isn't a lot? You can become awesome in two years! UTILIZE IT GIRL!!!

crazyfangirl (?!): ZOMG. I HAVE A NAMELESS BLOG READER! Wow, cool, dbsk fans have telepathy! HELLOOOOO. If you're not one of my friends who are trying to be funny, my guess is, you GOOGLED and you found my blog >D Or, then again, you could really be a friend of mine @_@ Alright, out with it, who are you? ^^ YAY YUNHO. *hugs you!*

Dat: Susanieeee grew taller. T__T She has ditched us. T________T NOOOO WHY GEOG?! RETURN BACK TO THE GOOD SIDE, I COMMAND YOUUUUUU! Did I link you? No right -_- *smacks self* Im incredibly slow at linking. Don't eat me! And you're going to the bbq later tooooooo right? VERY GOOD! ^^


Went to Ben's hosue yesterday to flim the lit video after traning yesterday. Stupid Ben told me he had a high fever at the last minute and sent me into a panic attack D: PAY MY HOSPITAL BILLS, YOU FIEND!

Well anyway, he was late, so he was trying to be commical. HAH HAH HAHHHHHH, you still owe me hospital fees.

We were trying to write the script and they kinda watched.. Masked Rider Blade on Gab's lappie. Say wha. Masked Rider Blade, nope you didn't read wrong. We finshed the whole bag of Hello Kitty Marshmellows while they were waiting for (me to write) the script, and then used it as a prop. Savvy, aren't we? ^^

Gab's camera can't record sound! OH NOES! Edward very calmly called Benjamin Lau, whose new phone has HD. The new Sony Ericsson has saved our lives!! But it's kinda ugly.

SO WE STARTED FLIMING. First bloody scene took like 4326529342 million light years to perfect.

Gab had to leave. It was 7:30PM! And we had four more scenes. Oh, what to do, what to do. Yes by the way I'm so collected it obviously means we sovled it. But I'm not telling how, becauseeeeeeeeee our lit video is brilliant, and it'll ruin the surprise.

Oh wait. There's one more scene we forgot to do -_- AISH! ^%&*()$@!%


My blog post is very uncoordinated.

Cinyi is ocming back tomorrow!


And I have a lot of homework. The panic is kicking in again. *kick kick kick*


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