Thursday, January 22, 2009

no cure!

I fell asleep white studying homeostasis yesterday. WHY IS IT SUCH A DRY TOPIC??

And I fell down while walking to school O_O Way to go Cheryl. My knees died.

Ms Pang's skirt was nice today :) AND I SCREWED BIO. Greaaaaat. Now it's Biology and Amaths. Thank goodness my Emaths isn't going anal on me. *relief!*

Ummm. English was boring :O I don't think I've uttered that sentence in a long, long time.

After school, tt girls were supposed to study together, but I had aar with main comm and Mr Chan! It was long (as usual) but it was funny xD We did SWOL, and we joked that Arjun should put Ridzwana under 'weakness' and Suriya under 'threats'! HAHAHA. Durga and I made his reflection book really gay. IT WAS FUN :D

It was late, and I tried running up to third floor but my knees stung D: Syu offered to carry me, HAHAHA. She went to find Ridz, so I finished damnnnnned Emaths homework with Cindy, Charis, Aaron, Jared and Bryan. Cindy was CRYING cause she had to go home and no one cares xD

Wanted very much to run a few rounds before I go, but my damned knees!!! Stinging so much. Goddammit how the heck did I fall anyway. Eff eff eff. The time I finally want to do serious running, I CAN'T. WTH!

South Zone in eleven days. Lip biting. How do we bring back last year's awesome results with the state we're in? D:

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