Monday, February 23, 2009


Not a very good Monday :|
SS was alright despite all my panicking last night. Blanked out during Lit and died of boredom while annotating. I want to see my marks damn it! At the end of the day I didn't get my previous SS test's results either so what the hey. The stuff I was eagerly awaiting didn't come :|
Boooo Monday. Very bad Monday.

Although the SS powerpoints were really cool. Esp Joon Guan's group!
Joon Guan: ...estimated that about... i think, three hundred and.. fifty-two were killed. However about a hundred or so were missing so that makes it around 600 'killed'...
Class: Waaaa. Joon Guan maths ah.
Joon Guan: *laughs meekly* that's about... um, thirteen percent of the-
He adds and divides like lightning.

Emaths test! SO SCREWY. It's the kind of test where it's practically screaming "EASY PEASY!" at your face, but hohoho clever Cheryl decided to forgo Maths and study SS for the whole of the night before. Dammit la. *headdesk!*

Went home with Syu, Siti & 'Walking Volcano'. HAHAH.
We broke the law on the MRT :X

Tomorrow is triple science, double maths and double language day. I have not completed my homework. Blablablaaaaaaa

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