Wednesday, March 18, 2009

in summary of the past 2D1N

Table tennis Intensive Traning Camp!
Although, Cinyi, Peishan and I agreed that it didnt really feel like a camp... Haha.

with Alyssa, Lailin, Yenyi, Jiayi and Manting.
WE ROCK NO! :D :D :D :D Hahahaa. This is our 16-point-scoring cheer!
We're hot, we rock, we can't be stopped!
We've got a front- oh! Back- oh! We can't be stopped!
We're cute, we're young, we can't be stopped!
We've got a front- oh! Back- oh! We can't be stopped!
Oh Kappa, you so fine, you so fine I want you mine,
Hey Kappa! Hey Kappa!
Oh Kappa, you so fine, you so fine you blow my mind,
Hey Kappa! Hey Kappa!
PA! *all five of us shoot Jiayi to the floor*

It was quite fun! Hahaha.

I had CHINESE AP in the morning! At 8! So when everyone was gathered in the hall with their bags, I dumped mine in a corner and dutifully went for AP... sigh. LOL. let's just skip that part. Caterpillar! I think it was okay, everyone seemed quite high and crazy xD Zhong ji mi ma! HAHAHA POOR JIAYI(J)! Kena for BOTH TIMES!! Then must act like dying cockroach etc etc. OMGOODNESS. FUNNYYYYY.
We had lunch, then training finally started! Cinyi and I were high high HIGH cause we were playing OMFG-ly well! Like smack, then she 'dang', I use back hand smack, she use back hand 'dang' then I bring it back to her fore hand, she smack, and I 'dang'... CONSEQUETIVELY!! And is a lot a lot of times. We hardly manage to that for SOOO LONG! So happy. BUT! "Cannot be complacent!" Cinyi kept reminding me. Haha..

After the break, we had this game where we have to run, in a group of 5 to 6 people, around the table and hit the ball. It's not a normal table tennis game cause it kinda trains our side-stepping and teamwork.

I got severely brainwashed.

After that activity, we had doubles competition!! (Cindy, Charis and Cinyi should be laughing by now) So, instead of side-stepping to one side for Cinyi to hit the ball,
I side-stepped all the way to Charis and Cindy's side of the table.
The three of them just stared at me, and I found myself miraculously standing next to Charis and Cindy when I should be on the other end of the table, next to Cinyi!!!

The four of us promptly dropped on the floor and laughed our guts out.

Mr Phua made spagetti, meatballs, sausages and chicken soup! It was sooooooo yummy~ *in love*

Since we ate into treasure hunt's timing, it was only an hour long, instead of one and a half hours. SO SAD D: Kappa didn't do well for the treasure hunt.. I think it's cause we just kept plucking the balls that were stuck on the walls/floors/etc then anyhow make a link to the clues we were given! Hahaha, so random. It was quite good, although we had to run aaaaaaaa lot! One hour! So little time.

Did a very rushed bathing and brushing.. then went to the hall. We were talking about sleep habits before that, about how Charis will suddenly shout "SHUT UP!" (sleep talking), Peishan will sigh before she falls asleep (sleep preparing), I will kick if I'm too restless before I fall asleep (sleep moving).
IN THE END! Everyone was M O T I O N L E S S !!
But, Cinyi, our ping pong princess of course, who said she didn't have any sleep habits, was SLEEP SIGH-ING!! No, it's not snoring. IT'S SLEEP SIGH-ING!!

Cindy was really difficult to wake up, haha, poor girl! She must be super tired and worn out. Her alarm rang at 6am, then she and Charis were supposed to get up (rest of us common civilians wake at 7am) but when her alarm rang, all the sec fours woke up....BUT Cindy was still asleep! Like, Jac, PS, Cinyi, Charis and me already had our heads up and staring sleepily/blurly at Cindy's sleeping form will her alarm rang incessantly. THAT'S HOW TIRED CAMP CO-ORDINATORS ARE PEOPLE. Say thank you Cindy, Mavis, Charis and Yunjie!

I can't remember much although it was only today morning/afternoon. I only remember the Nutella was so nice and yum yum, and that Jas is definitely a morning person while Peishan is definitely not a morning person, haha! Jac has a PET APPLE!

Training then lunch.. WE WATCHED BLADES OF GLORY AFTER LUNCH!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Good times, good times. Then I realised that no one in the team has watched Blade of Glory before! Like whut! Oh well, I enjoyed it immensely! Everyone was cracking up, IT WAS SUCH A FUNNY SHOW.

"This is my brother, this is my brother's girlfriend, and she is not a whore!"

Omg. After that.. CAPTAIN'S BALL! Team A ROCKS! HAHA.
Can't really remember who was in it alr..
Peishan, Zhenyue, Yenyi, Yap Jiayi, Datina, Sherby, Sinvyest, Alyssa, Rachel, Jiayi Junior, Lailin, ME! Did I miss out anyone O_O Omg, hope not, hahaha.

Someone: I rarely got a hold of the netball :(
Me: Well, I was okay with it...

LOL. OF COURSE~! Peishan was our Captain, Cinyi was theirs and yay yay we ownnnnnnn xD

WATER BOMB! The boundary one not very fun, then the Organisers started sneak-attacking us!!!


We GANGED UP against them (yes, Butterfly, Kappa, Adidas and Nike against the four, severely outnumbered Organisers) and in the end EVERYONE GOT WATER BOMBED! Awesomeeeeee. Good cure for a hot, hot day. A better cure would be cold water in the bomb bags (the tap water got heated up cause they were left on the pavement for quite long. Hah).

YAY! We had our own mini prize presentation! Then sec fours took pictures with sec threes..... AND WE WENT HOME!

So tired now. And so sticky.


Edward, you rock. Ahahhaa.

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