Thursday, March 5, 2009

luck and intuition

I know this was pretty long ago, but to be truthful, I had left their present to me in my bag. Presents = sweets, chocolates and adorable little things in between. And they were in my bag. For about 3 days.. ? :X Shoot.

Yeah well. YAY! Go C div Girls! You guys are such a crazy, hyper bunch ♥ :D
Although sometimes it gets a teeny bit out of hand, but I'm sure everyone has found the high you guys ride on very influencing ^^
Play with pride!! Learn well and guide the even smaller juniors ok? :D :D :D :D

PE on Wednesday was extremely extremely fun for meeeeeee. Really! We played handball. It was funnayeeee. Kaiching is a shining sportswoman I tell you. Hands down!:D Devy and Brenda were hilarious! IDK WHY!! I just found their reactions really cool/funny/crazy etc etc. Louiza is a MONSTER. Boyfriend! You're a rough player! Almost whacked my face three times! Is that how you gonna treat your girlfriend huh! Mr Lim joined the other group. IT WAS CRAZY MAN. He dribbles like lightning (kinda) and scores like a madman (kinda). VANESSA MADE ME SO PROUD! *sniffle* She was TOUGH (for once) and was extremely extremely effective as the goalie!!!! (for once)

Okay. Back to today.
Val & Vii bought this chocolate cake for him, which Bren, Weiqi and I shamelessly leeched upon. It was au creme. Quite yummy, but quite bleh at the same time xD

Assembly was hliarious at the start, but then it got really boring..
Val: So... boring.... *tries to keep awake*
Vanessa: If Ms Tan were to grade this powerpoint, she would probably fail it cause it's so dull and has no pictures.


We had Maths AP! Mr Lim said this line which really made my entire MONTH (:D :D :D)!

Nationals loom! LET'S GET INTO TOP 8, OKAY GIRLS? YAY!
(joel shudders at the emoticon)
we'll fight, we'll win, well how.bout.that!

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