Tuesday, March 10, 2009

oh oh oh oh oh.

Chinese was good! Well, as good as Chinese can get for me anyway. Although sometimes I still fail tests which I consider to be good, so nyahnyahwhateverrrrr.

Mr Lim is eeevil. He just has to squeeze in maths D:

Bio SPA! It was funny!
Ms Kong: Okay, please check the apparatus on your table against the list in your SPA worksheet. If you don't have anything, please inform me.
Class: Okay.
Joon Guan: Ms Kong, I can't find my peanut.

Ms Kong: O_O

I swear, she was laughing too!

Soy bean ice cream is yum yum yum, especailly after training, especially when Cinyi, Cindy, Charis and Ceishan were awesome and wonderful friends who stayed with me till I finished my ice cream (cause I can't get on the train while munching on it).
Everybody say awwww! I loooove you guys! :D :D :D :D :D

On the excruciatingly looooong ride home, my iPod shuffled this song! And I am extremely in love love love with the melody ! :D
I think the lyrics are a bit too emo, but hey.

Funny how a song can exist in your iPod but then you never really hear it until like, 5 months after. xD

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