Wednesday, April 22, 2009

When I Had Pneumonia


Really. I have been showered with nothing but love love love from all of you guys ! OMG. My inbox was completely jammed! So before I slept every night, I'd read all the messages you guys sent. So touched *sniff sniff* and so loved! :D Hahaha

I was admitted into KKH in the wee hours of Friday morning (2am), and while they were taking a second xray of my lungs, I LOST MY SHOES! D: D: D:
How evil!! A&E never sent them back again :( *tears*

Oh btw I have the first xray of my lungs. HAHAHA.
I'm gonna be like Ms Pang and start a collection of xrays and films!! :D :D :D

Friday afternoon, Ting, Charis and Jared came. I was in the high dependency ward, newly admitted, so I had like A GAZILLION tubes snaking in and out! Super freaky!

Weiting went, "CHERYL! YOU LOOK COOL!" HAHAH! Thanks Weiting =) So with the three of them talking and me typing messages to communicate with them (couldn't talk), they almost made me suffocate on my oxygen mask. =\

Cause I was lauhging too much LOL. *palmhead*

Saturday morningggggg!
I HAD A FRIGHT FROM MS CHIA! It was, what, 8am and I was stirring from sleep and suddenly this lady breezes into the ward. And I wasn't wearing spectacles, but I swear when she went "CHERYL?"

I had this sudden, very matrix, another-dimension kind of feeling, that I was back in school and Ms Chia was gonna collect my lit paper. LOL.
She gave me a toy flower (which I played with like a kid hahahah) and a get well card and even said a prayer for me! SO NICE RIGHT. The nurse was kinda like, staring. HAH. Bet she didn't have a lit teacher who said a prayer for her when she fell ill! :D

In the afternoon, Val, Brenda and Val's mom came over! Valerie gave me this huuuuuuuge sunflower! Finally! Something that has somehting to do with the sun!!
(Ok la, my link is a bit weird, but I was indoors for TWO WHOLE WEEKS! How can you blame me?*pout) HAHA.

Her get well card was TINY! VAL! Why was it so SMALL? D:
Brenda gave me a lollipop! THE EXPENSIVE KIND, WOAAAAAAAH. (My dad asked if he could eat it when he came later in the night. SO BAD RIGHT) And they were giving me school updates and stuff. WEISHENG IM GONNA HUNT YOU DOWN WHEN I GET BACK TO SCHOOL. Okay anyway! We talked for pretty long (well ok, they talked for pretty long, I was silenced but a very annoying mask) then they had to leave too D: D: D: Brenda said she would come again though!! :D :D :D ♥♥♥

Sunday afternoon!
I fell asleep in the afternoon, and when I woke at around 3, MR PHUA CAME BREEZING IN WITH A HUUUUGE BALLOON!

It screamed, "GET WELL!" (where's the 'soon'?) and he was like, "Hey Cheryl! EH, sleeping ah? Why not doing maths? MID YEARS LEH." I SWEAR THE NEXT HOUR WAS PURE TORTURE. JEFFREY kept finding ways to prod fun at me ("eh, what's this thing? help you breathe is it? what? makes you cough? eh, cough leh cough leh. ok, tell you what, you cough twice i bring two magazines up for you") and trying to annoy me to bits ("you want ice cream? oh ya. you cannot right... sigh. -gives sympathetic look-").

Then to add insult to injury, he really went down (to get my magazines) and promptly came back up with a MR BEAN ICE CREAM CONE. Which he gestured to me several times, then retracted, feigning a look of both pity and understanding. BAH!

That night, who else would come but BENJAMINIE, EDWARDIE AND LISHANTHIE!! LOL. They are so nice la. They came pretty late, but not empty-handed (Ben: "FRUITS BASKET!! Where you want it, Cheryl? AIDS RECOVERY! *big smile*") and Ben lent me his phone (INTERNET CONNECTION AHHH) and I was really happy with it, so they had to go home pretty late ahah.

Tried to blog with it too, but, Edward: "YOU'RE NOT FATED TO BLOG,CHERYL!", when after we tried for 3 times, my post still wouldn't make it online. HAHAH :D Thanks guys!

They were exploring, and seemed very pleased to find that the children's washroom had a very very tiny toilet. Serious. They were kinda like perverts. (B&E&L: "EH EH EH THE TOILET DAMNNNNNNNNN SMALL LEH! QUICK TAKE PICTURE!")

Devy and Darryl came along too! Darryl was damn pissed off with the noise HAHAHAHA.

Devy shared her life story on how she got dengue (GASP!!) and.. something equally dangerous (DOUBLE GASP!!). We promptly showed the other our injection scars! HAHA. They passed me my HOODIE HOODIE! So happy. Darryl was howling with laugher cause mine was so tiny.

After they left, it was MS CHIA AGAIN! She gave me the card from my TT girls :D And she had this looooooong conversation with my mother in Chinese. She's fluent!! How many people are really BILLINGUAL nowadays? HARD TO FIND OK!

Anyway, five mins after she left, who else could come but KAT AND JAC AND KAIWENNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!! OMG! KAIWEN! She came all the way down from TJC to see me *sniff* So loved. And I haven't been saying hi to her reguarly on MSN too. Jac was funny as ever! Super hyper!!!

That day, they changed the drip needle thing, from my right arm to my left hand.

There was blood EVERYWHERE on the bed, and the nurse was like "SORRY SORRY SORRY!" Ugh. So my left hand had dried blood when they came to visit. I showed Jac, and she texted Ms Chia. AND MS CHIA LINKED ME TO BOO RADLEY! ("Maybe she secretly gobbles live squirrels which was why she wasn't interested in her dinner plate when I went to see her")

Lit people will get the joke. I am not a malevolent phantom.
Kat ate my tea time biscuits. =\

YESTERDAY YESTERDAY! Tuesday! Mr Lim Bun and Mr Tay came!! :O :O Shock! And Mr Lim brought this huuuuuuuuge basket of flowers and fruits and I love love love the roses! So velvety! (And the whole thing must have cost a bomb omg) LOL and they were talking between themselves you know. I had to add in comments to be included in their conversation lollol.


SO SEEEEEEE. I was well taken care of and very very very loved! :D
Can't wait to go back to school on Monday :D LOL. I think I haven't been this excited since primary one ._.

Thanks guys, for missing me and messaging me and caring about me and basically loving this girl here. *is inflated with happiness like a balloon*

I'm sorry my post is so abrupt, I'm trying to remember as many details as I possibly can hehehe.

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