Friday, May 15, 2009


I feel sad now, cause my favourite people are sad too.

我好想好想抱你哦。不要太难过好吗?我拿回卷纸时,觉得很失望 - 你也是吧?对不起,没好好的安慰你。你坐在我的旁边但我都没发觉你有多么的难过,多么地想哭。‘爸爸’那么难过但‘女儿’没报报他 :(

还有时间!你一定,一定可以的!!一定可以当世界最棒的 CHINESE NEWS BROADCASTER! :D :D :D :D :D 哈哈。‘爸爸’很可爱!不要恨自己,好吗? :D

Hey, you worked hard ^^ Brenda and Vanessa's hearts broke when they saw you crying over your Emaths (I was staring in shock at them). It was a memorable/heart-rending/sentimental/rare/OMG-BRENDA-IS-CRYING?!?! moment, hahah. But I didn't comfort you properly that day either :| Emmett shouldn't be angry with you :D (and kt really doesn't seem to be very encouraging, does he?) I'm very, very, very p r o u d of you, and Vii and Bren probably are too. Keeeeeeep studying, and remember Ms Chia's MARSHMELLOW STORY!! Don't be upset about _______ or _____ anymore, they don't really matter :) God, I suck at comforting you gahh. K, I'll go get you that blueberry yogurt you keep going on about!! :D :D Even though I still think it's daylight robbery and should be made illegal, but hey. Your food my money. KIDDING~♥ ILY BF, don't cry anymore :) Let's go bully Choco! ^^

K, you don't read my blog anyway, I'll sms you right now!!!!!

WHY THE HELL ARE YOU GOING TO AMERICA? And you don't even have plans to come back to Singapore to see us?!?? -incredulous- I DON'T WANT TO MOTIVATE YOU ALREADY. >(

And oh yeah, I'm sad too. I think I have accumulated negative ten points for time management; I stop obsessing about DBSK for one second and in comes SJ. Bad, bad, bad. I have to drown addiction in a bucket and mix it with lots of turpentine to wash it awayyyyyyy. And what's up with all the bishonen hype anyway? PRETTY BOYS LOOK LIKE GIRLS!!! So why am I into the bishonen hype too? KPOP IS BAD INFLUENCE. Ryeowook and Sungmin have such feminine faces! I swear they can totally own Miss Universe!! < /rant>

Brenda, you're too tall :(

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