Sunday, May 17, 2009


Weekend was spent considerably well cause I finished my homework! (it's Lit only, actually) and I watched Attack On The Pin Up Boys which was ridiculous yet hilarious at the same time (so it's hilariously ridiculous?) and and and I have taken my abnormally large daily dosage of Suju already, so I'm content :D

Ryeowook, however, needs to put some flesh on his face D:
His cheeks are so sunken, I think my heart broke D: D: D: D:

Monday looooms. Yet to receive Chemistry, SS and English Paper 1. I don't think anyone wants to receive them :(

AND AND LOUIZA!! I'm positive your Chinese improved!!! Don't leave me in the lurch!! CONGRATS!! :D :D :D :D Btw Za, Hyun Joong beats Minho anyday. HAH.

Mondayyyyy. The start button of nauseatingly uncomfortable two weeks worth of Chinese lessons after school. Oh no no no no no no NO.

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